Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Week

 All boys photos taken this week. 
 I call this one 'Like two peas in pod'

 enjoying some sunshine in the house
Kalen... What are you sewing Mom can I help eat it ?
 Pan says I am the aristocrat of the bunch
We love to ride in Mom's car, now when we wait she puts the front seats forward so Kalen can't chew the visors up (again.) 
Don't think I showed you this one. This is the trim I put on the inside of the lining in the purple suit some vintage ribbon from Pan's breeder Deb. I'm still putting off doing those button holes as I can really mess them up royal on my machine. When Bob returns next week I'll have to do some photos in the completed suit. 
This is the completed slip with tatting all around the hemline applied by hand now sent off to my daughter. 
 The covered buttons ordered on Etsy for this dress there is no such animal in Homer Alaska.
 The muslin so far
The old guide sheet. They show 10 buttons all down the back but I'm kind of planning on doing a 22" zipper and then putting covered buttons on that, have to see how that will workout if it will lie flat or not? Has anyone done this if so let me know. 


MJ said...

I remember having done something like that many, many years ago when I was sewing all my own clothes. I found that as long as they were buttons that had the holes in them that you could sew and not the rounded kind with the little hook at the back that they would lay nice and flat, but I never did it with that many, usually only about 4 or 5 at the most so I don't know how 10 would do.

When I see the pictures of your dogs so close up and their collars I can't help wondering if you had left over material from some of the things you make if it wouldn't really look cute to make a "slip cover" for one of their collars to match an outfit when you take them out for a walk. I can just picture you walking in Homer with the two dogs wearing collars that match what you're wearing--think it would look darling to see it once in a while--like Easter for instance.

Terra said...

The two peas in a pod photo is charming; you captured your two buddies in perfect coordination.
I admire your skill in sewing; I used to sew.

Debi said...

The kids looks SO CUTE!!! I love how the muslin looks! fabulous!!!

Sandy said...

My should make a living at this! And the boys looks so angelic!!!!! Too cute! And the idea of the collar would work, they would match you! :)

My Vintage Mending said...

I haven't been able to get those new cheap covered buttons to lie flat if I begged them to. The old covered buttons with the teeth are some of my favorite buttons to find. They have better grasp and a much better shank. If you tie them on so to speak (sew them with perle cotton) they will lie flatter than with cotton thread alone. Two peas...oh I would love them..jus beautiful boys. Smiles...Renee

Sam I Am...... said...

It amazes me how much you get done. I sometime think if I would make my sewing/craft room up I would get more done. Did I tell you I'm reading Looking for Alaska by Peter Jenkins? It's the best book about Alaska that I've read so far.
I like the two-fabric slips and the trims you put on them...very pretty.
The boys look good! Nitty and I are both suffering from allergies this year when we've never had them before. I see Spring has finally arrived there. Have a nice weekend.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

KALEN! Hee-hee! So cute!

You know, I think I dreamed about your dogs recently but they were with someone else. You know how dreams are. :)

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