Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moose Report, Theatre, and dogs

 Wore my green silk jacket to church today. Blouse is silk I made and pants are lined linen I've had for about 15 years from LLBean. 
Bob and I went to a play out on the Homer Spit last night. Lots of tourists out there staying for the holiday, probably Alaskan's traveling. If you ever come you must go to this tiny theatre to a play it's so much fun. 

This is how the boys sleep with us. We have a queen sized bed and they line up down the middle of us. Kalen is sharing Bob's pillow here. He must always touch you when he sleeps. He will plop down dropping his entire weight onto you so he comes in contact. Sometimes I have to fight them for my space! It's really fun when they stretch their legs straight out and I get poked in the back.
This is my old blog banner it's also down at the bottom of my front page. I wanted to give you a moose update. Saturday I did not see the calf a single time but the cow was here. The last time I saw the calf you can see in the photos below when the yearling ran up to the cow and calf and she chased him off. I'm quite sure the calf died and she hung around all day Sat. but this morning another cow came into her space and chased her off which surprised me. Now I haven't seen her back so maybe she has moved on which is a good thing. You may wonder why I don't walk out there and check? Well it's a wet land and difficult to walk in plus moose are all over the place and I could not get away from them fast enough out there. I kept thinking I should see the carrion eaters coming in but so far I don't.  
Basement window, male crane taps most of the day at his reflection while female is on the nest. 
Had to show you this cute photo of Cookie's pigs Pork Chop and Bacon and her dog Francie looking at them. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Built in dogs are far too loud of snorers to sleep with us. We relegate them to the laundry room and luscious beds to keep them comfy. I do hope that the calf made it out alright. Beautiful coat and trouser outfit and those shoes make it perfect...smiles...Renee

Sam I Am...... said...

Nice outfit and I love those shoes! I could never sleep with those boys! LOL! They are too big! LOL! You have more going on there than we do here in this town! A play sounds so nice!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

First of all what cute names for those pigs! Your dogs have the good life. :) God sure gave us blessings with our pets.
Yes, such a lovely coat and trouser outfit.

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