Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Lost is Found Again

The above book came from an Etsy dealer. I kept watching Ebay with no luck but found one my first search on Etsy. This was a book I had in the 40's that can no longer be found in my house, where it went I do not know. First Little Lulu then the bear and now the book have all come back to me. If you have something that is gone like this look on Etsy it maybe waiting for you there. 
This book was sent to me by my friend Sandy of 521 Lake Street. She knows I was on the lookout for one of these. Sandy is so kind and generous and I'm so happy to have her for a friend. 

My friend Debi Fry who writes a very popular blog called My Happy Sewing Place is such a talented and sweet gal. I just love her for thinking of me when I mentioned I wanted to make a dress like she did, she used an old velvet curtain and the vintage pattern on the right. I searched and searched and could not locate the pattern so Debi sent these two to me (all the way from Edinburgh Scotland!) along with the buttons. I am just to return them whenever I'm finished and no rush.


Miranda said...

That book is so neat Nan! That's awesome you were able to find it. I love Etsy.

Denise Adorian said...

This is a beautiful post.I loved reading it.The dress I would love to see when it's finished. Denise

vintage grey said...

What beautiful vintage books!! Love the sweet images!! Glad you were able to find it!! Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! xo Heather

Charlene said...

I am so glad you found your childhood stories. It is such a pleasure to remember those happy times isn't it?

And I can't wait to see the dress when you finish it. What a sweet friend to loan you the pattern. Have a wonderful Mothers Day. HUGS!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, Miss Sandy is such a gem. I can see why you would long for this book. It looks like one I would love to find. Your patterns from Deb look so much like her I can't wait to see your take on them. Have a wonderful Mother's Day...smiles..Renee

MJ said...

I remember finding one that I grew up with on eBay many years ago. My brother, sister, and I had grown up with that book and it hadn't been in print for years and years and just by chance the one day I looked for it on eBay and there it was---of course I didn't have an account so had to set one up so I could get the book. When it came I sat here and made copies of it for her and for my older kids who remembered us talking about it and reciting the first few pages of it, but that was all we could remember so now they had the entire thing.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love the illustrations from those old childrens books. They are so precious and bring back memories for all of us I think.
How sweet of your friends to send you what you need too! Thanks for sharing it all with us and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Sandy said...

Hey Nan,
Just stopping by to tell you how happy I am that you found your childhood book! I hope you had a wonderful day today! I sure did! It helped tremendously!

ImagiMeri said...

Well, I won't tell you that I just about beat Sandy up to get that book before she sent it to you.......naw, just kidding! Sandy is a very generous and giving person, and I'm very lucky to have her as my friend, too. She's got quite the collection of children's books, and I usually have to pick my chin up off the floor and mop up the drool when I'm at her house. Have a great week pretty lady.

Big Hugs,

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