Saturday, April 14, 2012

This and That

 An interesting thing I bet you don't have where you live! I was on the below deck looking up at the house which was finished in Dec 2001. Can you say this? There is not a single spider web on my house! There are spiders here but they are very few. This is just as clean as the day it was built. We don't have bugs here like you do. In the winter nothing, in the summer I see worms in the soil, aphids, oh yes herds of gnats I call them and but very few mosquitoes in my area of Homer. 
Taken on Friday my dog pen free of snow for the first time.
We bag up the poo and take it to the dump and believe me there as been a lot of that showing up lately through the layers of snow. 
This was taken March 30th. Bob pointed out to me this odd color formation in the clouds over the bay. 
The Panda bear is still in Kachemak Bay. This was just taken last evening. The sun now rises at 6:52 am and sets at 9:18 p.m.. I believe we gain 6 minutes a day of light. Soon we'll be down to 2 hours of twilight for our night. 

Lastly my sewing project for the week has been this raw silk dress lined in ice blue satin. 
 The inside zipper area with the lining. I probably will never put another zipper in by machine as I love this way by hand. You have so much more control over the fabric. I use a double waxed and pressed thread which makes it very strong. 
The front inside. I just have the sleeve hem and the bottom hem and I'm mailing it out to my daughter. Already have plans for a cotton Chinese type blouse lined in satin. 


Debby said...

Beautiul pictures. That one of the sky is amazing. I have seen something similar in Colorado but not all those colors.
The snow is melting, yeah for you. The mountain snow is still gorgeous.
Love the color of that satin.

Perfectly Printed said...

I love hearing about your town of Homer! And the colors in the sky... just beautiful!


Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

First of all I loved those pictures too, and yes especially the sky! What, no spider webs? That is great. I can't say that for sure here. I guess there are more benefits in Alaska that I knew about. The day light sounds wonderful, but I am sure it would mess up one system on the sleep pattern. I "assume" you have heavy drapes to block out the sun to get your sleep? I am sure your project there on that satin will turn out just great! Now will this be for your daughter?

Inger said...

This may be the only time ever that I sit here in California in mid-April and find that I have more snow on the ground and in the air than you do in Alaska! I loved the cloud picture. I'm so glad you captured it. And no bugs sounds like a great thing to me. What about flies?

My Vintage Mending said...

I love to hand sew with waxed silk is such sturdy thread that disappears in the fabric. Never thought to hand sew a zipper in? The colors of the gorgeous. No bugs..sign me up. I hate the spider webs. and all the little bug splats on the windows. It really is breathtaking there. Smiles...Renee

Jewels said...

See - I knew there would be stuff different then down south here - I would give anything NOT to have bugs (just the rotten kind - like carpenter ants). Lovely pics Nan!

Sam I Am...... said...

What's the Panda bear? Is that the name of the mountain? No bugs and no mosquitoes? I thought Alaska was famous for it's mosquitoes. Do you have ticks? That's what I hate! Just had my first one on me after I was out planting a flower bed around my mail box! Dang I hate those things! We have few mosquitoes here but ticks and armadillos that dig up your yard. I have to spread grub killer which is what the armadillos go for and spray myself with deet before I go out. I forgot to spray today...uh oh.
We have poisonous spiders and snakes here too and bears but I've only seen one, oh and scorpions but not big ones.
Love that dress and I think I will try that hand method if I ever put a zipper in again.
Your daughter's going to love it!


Thank you for your wonderful pics.
The new project looks like a true dream.

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