Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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 I'm sitting at the table in the house looking in the large mirror and I see this in the reflection. Decided to provide a photo for you, it's a glacier and the dark is where the mirror ends on the wall.
A photo of me in the mirror ready for church on Sunday wearing a 1940's suit I made and wore for the first time. 

These two were taken on Sat the 14th and a half of this snow is now gone it's really melting down now. This is a cow and calf from last year and she is pregnant again. 
Spring comes very slow here a small step at a time making us really earn it. This is a pile of gravel snow on our subdivision road. You see these all over town from the road sanding. This week they have started to sweep up the gravel and haul it away. The air is very dusty down low here these days and our cars are covered with dirt.
Breakfast out on Sunday. A bill of $31. for two. Don't move here!
 My new favorite tea from the Ivory Goose in Homer owned by our friend Coletta. This is 'Peach Cobbler' my gosh it's wonderful I sweeten it with Stevia. It's $4.50 an ounce and can be ordered and mailed to you by calling 
Bob doesn't cook but he has taken to making us salads, he's very good at prep. I am quite willing to get him all the fixings to do this! I enjoy the break from creating meals.
My latest sewing project is a Chinese type blouse with couture touches that I now put on all my work after taking that on line class. The zipper is put in by hand and this is lined in lavender satin, or will be when I finish. There are lots of tiny stitches I do as well on all the edges of the lining to keep it from rolling out. 
Pan today as I drove off on an errand. He runs upstairs and watches me standing on the bed. Sometimes he goes with me but today he stayed home with Bob and Kalen.


Debby said...

What a view. Love seeing your mountains.
What a mess the sanding is. Glad they haul it away.
The cost of living must be hard.....but I bet you wouldn't trade where you live.
You should do a portfolio of all your outfits that you have made. The new fabric is beautiful.
Glad the snow is starting to melt.
I was talking to my granddaughters uncle (other side of the family) this week-end. He lives in Alaska. He said his daughter hit 5 things when she got her license. One was a moose. He had to take her liense away after she ran in a State Farm Insurance man.........must be awful hitting a moose though.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, I would gladly pay $31 for that view but it has to come with that sweet doggy in the window. Man that has to be hard to leave behind. You suit turned out gorgeous. Hard to believe it was from that year considering it seems so fashionably timeless. The salad looks fantastic. I have cherry tomatoes on the counter now to make a salad with fresh mozzarella. Smiles...Renee

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Beautiful pictures - your dog looking out at the window - SO CUTE! Those mountains reminds me of my hometown in Northern California - Mt. Lassen; I sure would like to see it again,but not likely to happen.

As for the breakfast ouch! I guess Alaska does have it "down" thing and that would be one of them.

Ann said...

Your view is just awesome, but I would probably have a hard time waiting for the warmth of Spring. Another pretty outfit. happy wed.

vintage grey said...

Nan, what a beautiful view!! Your 40's suit is adorable!! That salad looks so yummy!! Have a wonderful day! xo Heather

Sam I Am...... said...

That view is unbelievably beautiful...such beauty IS breathtaking and to think you get to see it every day!
I love your suit...classic! Remember the song "Who is That Doggy in the Window"? That 's what I thought of when I saw him there. What a sweetie, missing his momma already.
I really like that new fabric you're sewing with too! And so glad they haul all that gravel away.
The moose are great...thanks for the pictures. They have the longest legs! Take care and TTYL!

Debby said...

Okay, here is the long versoin to the gas station ordeal.
I pumped $10 of gas. It was already paid for by the guy that pulled up laughing. He went inside and told them. He then said if I gave him $10 he would have them let me have $10 equally $20. So we both came out even. He got the $10 that I had pumped and I got $20. I wanted more gas but it would have been way more confusing. Not sure this makes any sense of those "you had to be there" stories. Hah.

Sandy said...

Beautiful scenery! A view to die for. It's turned ugly here...rain, damp, chilly! But the grass is loving all the water turning green and thick.

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