Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What goes on in Homer Alaska

Met friends Kathy and John at Duncan House. 
 Nursery duty in church this last Sunday and then breakfast out as usual at Duncan House our favorite restaurant for breakfast in Homer. 
 Progress on the navy linen dress below with the salmon lining. All work that remains is hand work on the inside lining and hem almost done.

We're really had the perfect weather for snowshoeing and love to take the dogs out for a 40 minute run. The snow conditions are perfect but as soon as the rain starts in it will end I'm afraid. Amazing that 6 foot tall grass will be here by July and the dogs and I would not be visible. 
This is me at night reading my Kindle and of course both dogs are next to me, Kalen has to actually lean on you.
With a Queen sized bed which is new it's still a tight fit when Bob gets in, the dogs roll into tight balls between us. 


LBP said...

All that snow!!! Brr... I love the salmon lining choice for the navy dress.



Perfectly Printed said...

The salmon lining is perfect!! How fun to meet friends for breakfast! I love going out to breakfast!


vintage grey said...

Oh, the snow looks so wonderful!! Love the lining on the dress!! Your dogs are so adorable in the snow, and snuggling up with you! :) xo Heather

Jewels said...

Dogs are the best for snuggling but gee they take up real estate. My schnauzer Gwendoline is just wee thing but she still seems to hog the bed! Love the pics of the snow...J

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, I have come to the decision that I need you to come down here and get the kids so that I can sew like you. Oh wait you already did your mothering. I look forward to the day I don't have to rush a seam so that I can get into a carpool. Love the suit and the town...smiles..>Renee

wendy said...

Those dogs are so cool. I imagine you would have to really embrace winter sports living in Alaska. We have LONG winters here too, but actually have NOT had very much snow. The farmers will not like that if they don't get some moisture.


Such a perfect place, and a wonderful life.
Much love my dear Nan

Beth said...

i've told my hubby we must see the "Duncan House" when in Homer, Alaska. wow that is just a great looking restaurant. (:

Sam I Am...... said...

You look like a snow bunny out there! I've found that the older I get the farther away the camera should be. You could be 20 in that picture...who would know?
Maybe people who are hot blooded go to Alaska? That woman was wearing a sleeveless dress with snow on the ground outside?
How do you roll over in the night with the dogs there? My old dog used to sleep with me but I put a stop to it because I couldn't roll over with her on the covers...she was a "blanket hog"! LOL!
Wow, the dress is almost done? It looks great from here. Your daughter is going to love it! Who wouldn't?
Those boys sure are sweet looking. Their eyes just make you want to melt.
Your cafe is darling too. I love those type of eateries as they usually have the best food and all homemade. It might hit 90 here today...whew! Too hot for me! I'm like you 40-60 is my favorite if I'm going to be working or exercising at all. Have a great week!

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