Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow, Sew, and Supper

 My Full Circle Farm order came in today and I LOVE chard, I always try and get that. Made up this stir fry with chicken for dinner.
The red satin dress is in the mail. I may get it back for adjustments depending on the fit. 
My next project is a navy linen dress with white piping for my daughter. You know I can't go out and buy piping so I must make it. *Think I'll go by the Russian shop and buy some satin to line this dress, doesn't call for it but would be a nice touch. Would white work or should I use a color like peach or navy to match, your thoughts? 
 Photos taken the first day of Spring.
Major holes in our subdivision road. Tonight Bob had to pull a guy out who dropped down to his frame in one hole, not the first one to do this. I have to be so careful on these as I already had that angel rescue me once! We're on our own here no one comes along and fixes things. The lot owners are responsible for their own road so we're thinking of having the holes filled with rock until melt down. We all pay for it with our home owners dues. We are really paying a lot this year for plowing! Break-up this Spring is going to be a disaster I fear with 110 inches of snow.


sacramento said...

Your food looks sooooo healthy, and I am so looking forward to see your next project, dear Nan.

My Vintage Mending said...

I used kale the other night in my minestrone but it was more bitter than the chard is. Had a good bite to it. My other under used veggie is the parsnip. I love it. It is creamy and great in soups. Your dinner looks fantastic. My parents have to repair their roads and we are always driving gravel in and grading. I vote for peach. Smiles...Renee

Perfectly Printed said...

Dinner looks great!! Like Renee, we use kale a lot, often mixed in with our salad. Swiss Chard with a little apple cider vinegar?? Yummy!!
I also vote for peach!! Love the navy and peach combo.


Inger said...

that is a lot of snow, but how nice you can be snug inside with you sewing and cooking. Dinner looks great!

vintage grey said...

You dinner looks so good!!! I like using chard to cook with too! I think peach would be lovely! :) xo Heather

Sandy said...

Your Spring pictures look soooo familar! Someone in Houston advertised a garage sale 'before the flood' this wk. end! LOL!!

Your supper sure made my mouth water! Have a blessed wk. end, Nan!

Sam I Am...... said...

Did you say 110 inches of snow? you have snowstorms every day? I LOVE snow! It sounds like paradise to me! As long as I don't have to commute to work in it. I would love getting in supplies for the Winter and then just "holing up for the whole Winter" although you can still order from the internet, right? LOL!
That hole in the road sounds more like a sinkhole! It's always something when you're a homeowner. I'm beginning to think it would be easier to rent in my older years maybe.
What the Farmer's Circle? Is it a co-op? Better go see what else you've been up to. Oh, on the lining color...I'm pretty anal so I'd say white since the piping is white but that's just me. Either would look pretty as a lining.

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