Monday, March 19, 2012

New Classes

 Zipper by hand
My new project is a red satin dress for my daughter to see if this pattern suits her. We can't do fittings as she is in Kodiak so I make up what I hope will fit then she does marks it to show me where to take it in and mails it back. 

The exciting thing is I'm taking Susan Khalje's on line video class in The Couture Dress. In a few minutes I had learned so much I am loving this class. She uses a Vogue pattern she mails to you. I watched her so easy and quickly install a zipper by hand I was so excited to try it out on this dress I'm presently making. I have the one side done and I'm ready for the lap over side now. The first side went super easy so I hope the other one does as well. I am finally going to learn how to do a 'real' muslin for fitting and using as the pattern which I really have issues with on myself. The way Susan does it for Couture is nothing like I thought I was suppose to do. I recommend this class for anyone who wants to get serious about beautiful sewing. It can be found on Craftsy. 
And as you can guess the two boys are right there sewing with me. My floor must be spotless at all times or you know who will eat what drops!


Vintage Girl said...

Wow Nan, the dress looks like it's shaping up nicely. The class seems interesting, maybe I'll check it out.

Debby said...

SO pretty......I think it would hard to sew on that fabric. Is your daughter wearing it for something special.
My husband has been watching a survival movie about some families in Alaska. This people live totally off the land and very primitivly. I was watching last night and they said it was in Homer. Do you know about this show. I told my Hubby that is where you lived and he wanted to know if you lived like that. He also wanted to know if you had a Walmaart. I think he is concerned about you (hah) since you live in the same town.

My Vintage Mending said...

Zipper by have me here. I love my new chalk marker. Genius. It is like an old tracing wheel with the chalk in it...Thank you for the tip. Looking forward to this dress...smiles...Renee

sacramento said...

It looks soooooooo brilliant. Your daughter is such a lucky girl to haver you warmth and angel hands.

Inger said...

I love your creativity! The color of the dress is stunning. And your boys are so pretty. Looking at them makes me wish that my three had short hair. They are all losing their winter fur now and we have been too sick to brush them, so you can imagine!

Sam I Am...... said...

I've looked at Craftsy before and I'm glad to hear someone else has taken one of their classes. I will probably be more inclined to sign up for one now. It probably woldn;t be for couture sewing as I am more into loose and comfortable after all those years of dressing for work but improving my sewing skills for sure.
I'm taking an online decoupage class right now and enjoying it but I am waiting for supplies right now to keep going with it. Like you, there is much that is not available close by so the internet is my friend and UPS! LOL!
How far is Kodiak or rather how long does it take to get there? Around here things look close but there's hills and vales and curves and small mountains that make travel take longer than it looks on the map.
Did you read my blog lately? I've been watching old re-runs of Sargent Preston of the Yukon and his wonder dog King! LOL! And loving every minute of it.

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