Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cycle of Life

I was inside the house and took this with the zoom lens of two coyote that have been coming around our area. If you enlarge them you can see pretty well the two animals plus an eagle nest in that tree.
We have an abundance of Snowshoe Hare here, hundreds and hundreds of them. My friend told me her dog gets 3 of them a day. So far they have killed our apple trees totally eating off the bark and around town the same damage. These things happen and when the cycle is high we have more predators around like those Goshawk, also owls and now the coyotes hunting. This is all good as I see it. Too bad about the trees but they didn't do anything for us anyway, not a single apple in 9 years I believe it's just too wet on our property for them.


Jane M said...

Oh, Nan, I always enjoy these insights into your life amidst such beauty. Yes, it is the cycle, one that I can easily forget in my comfortable suburban life. Thanks for the picture reminder.

Sam I Am...... said...

What gorgeous pictures! I've seen coyotes before and we had lots of eagles in Iowa in certain places but I've never seen a snowshoe hare! They're so pretty except for the damage I guess. That dog must have been REALLY fast as rabbits are hard to catch! Thanks for sharing!

Fleur d'air said...

What a beautiful photos! I'm really a fan of your blog :)

sacramento said...

Beautiful pics, my dear Nan of your magic world of snow and wild creatures.
Hace a lovely Sunday.

David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful pictures - I wonder, though, whether something couldn't be done to protect the trees from them. Also, would you eat them? As a vegetarian, I'd not, but wondered about whether you'd enjoy them.

Jacqueline said...

It is the cycle of life, and the circle of life.

Thinking of you dear one, I shall not ever ever forget you in my circle of life.

I would like to put on the dryer cycle and ask God for spring to arrive, pretty please. Very wet in Washington. We have the coyotes howling in the farm field beside us, at night. It seems as though they are celebrating a catch and then all is quiet again.

The bald eagles are soaring here and so beautiful! The farther North I travel the more we see.

May beauty surround you, always Nan.

Love you!

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