Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthdays and Starlet Suit Jacket

 Pan's birthday today March 8th he is 3!
 The boys checking out my new counter stools. I have two of them for when friends come to craft they can roll along my long counter top. (mail order Amazon)

The Starlet Suit Jacket 
I have the under collar finished and the facing which I'm about to attach next. Gertie is teaching me so many new things on the video lessons I had no idea about all these years. For instance below is the 'pick stitch' used to keep the under collar from rolling upward. This is done too all down the front facing by hand. Also a different little trick with setting in the sleeve I've never heard of.
New sewing notions bought at Nancy's Notions on line of course. The new seam gauge and the Chaco markers which are such an improvement over the old tailor's chalk. Gertie clued me into the markers I love them as they can be refilled with chalk dust! Made in Japan which is a bonus and why I buy Clover!

Crystal clear views this week and lots of snow out there. Spring will not arrive until June. 


Perfectly Printed said...

Happy Birthday to Pan!!! Oh and your jacket looks like it's coming along....


My Vintage Mending said...

Happy Day Pan. I still use the old chalk. You mean they have something better! I didn't like the pencils at all as I had to sharpen them constantly. I do love Clover. This is looking wonderful. I love all the extra tailoring. Smiles...Renee

Storybook Woods said...

Happy birthday Pan. Rocken stool!! And the jacket is coming along amazingly!!! You go !! Clarice

cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Pan! Love your stool,red is my favorite color! Cheryl

wendy said...

I just happened to bop over here from Vintage Chic's blog.
I was intrigued by the title Retired in Alaska.

I am recently married to my high school sweetheart (long story) and he is a retired city fire captain...and by virtue of marrying him, I was able to put my work suits away (I was a clerk for a Judge) and find a new life in the country.

Quite some adjustments.
I would love to visit Alaska.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

That is neat how you can remember your dog's birthday. I don't know when my cat's is. We adopted him. Some say he was 3 when we got him, making him 13 I believe. But he still acts like a kitten so I am sure he is younger.
Beautiful jacket coming along there for sure.
Oh my snow! We are going to be in the 70's next week - quite rare for Iowa - like this winter - but so ENJOYING it!

deborah said...

Happy Birthday Pan. You look so very happy!!!

Brothers Lance & Ricky, Mom Scarlet and Grandma Debbie

Sandy said...

Happy belated Birthday Pan! Love the cute red stool. Your jacket is looking good! I'm low on sewing supplies I should order some of the neat new stuff you show. We're in NC on I95 making our way home.

Clara Turbay said...

i love it it´s perfect.

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