Friday, February 3, 2012

More Blizzards and Sewing

I love the fact this photo came out true to the color of this fabric as it does not always. I call it aubergine which is an eggplant color. This is a dress I'm making for my daughter with simple lines and a pretty cap sleeve. I just have the hemming to do and I'll mail it off to ADQ (Kodiak).

Photos of Bob and the boys taken today to exercise them, chasing snow balls. A blizzard went the entire day yesterday with most things in town being cancelled and then today a repeat of the blizzard. One thing about the last two days it's been warm at 33 degrees. The temp is going down tonight as I write this. This is the most snow since we came 10 years ago. 


LBP said...

I love the eggplant color of that dress! So Much Snow!!! We haven't even seen a flurry this year and it was 68 degrees yesterday! Weired winter this year..



Ann said...

Such a lovely color, it's so wonderful to be able to make clothes for our family. I'll repeat what LBP said this winter is crazy all week its been in the 60's.I'd like a few flurries here.

My Vintage Mending said...

Our goldens used to love the snow and chasing snow balls was their favorite. Rain all day today. We need it badly. That is a beautiful shade of eggplant. Smiles...Renee

MJ said...

Gorgeous color and beautiful fabric--can just see it on Ingrid. I think you've been getting all the snow this year as we sure haven't had it.

Perfectly Printed said...

Beautiful color Nan!! The pooches look like they love chasing snowballs! Sort of like the Alaskan frisbee for dogs! :)


Debi said...

Really beautiful aubergine fabric! And wow, look at all that snow! They are predicting snow where we are at and now I've got the song 'Snow, snow, snow' from White Christmas stuck in my head :)

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Beautiful color/dress indeed!!!
In Iowa a few of my friends were talking about the snow in Alaska. We have been having such strange weather here. We all are thinking that the "snow" will hit us this month or next month. One just never knows in Iowa - I sure didn't know we would have such beautiful weather last week where I was able to take my coat of while I walked by the river - and saw 4 BEAUTIFUL EAGLES!!!

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