Monday, February 27, 2012

Lotion Bars

 3 oz Coconut oil, 3 oz Bee's Wax, 3 oz Cocoa Butter
 Melt in a pot and pour into molds, stick in the fridge until hardened that's it you've got yourself a body lotion bar of all pure ingredients. *Tip the cocoa butter I mail ordered on Amazon as I could not find enough of it here in town. The Bee's Wax came from Jo Ann's some years back for candle making. 
I have always made my own lotion for my face. My sister taught me a recipe she used as a nurse for patients it was cocoa butter and Castor oil, the Home Health therapeutic  type not the drinking type, melted together and set in the fridge to harden then removed.
 Now I have found a new recipe I am trying out today. I was reading this fun mystery called Lye in Wait a Home Crafting Mystery and she gave out a recipe for this lotion bar and I got the stuff together to make it today. Don't leave it near pets they will want to eat it as it smells like chocolate! 


Debby said...

Oh this looks like something fun to try. I have heard so much lately about coconut oil. Love that fabric behind it and someone's tongue sneaking a lick.
We survived. I had my son on call be we managed. I got him settled and then crashed. They started a different antibiotic today so I am headed in the right direction. Thanks as always for your advice. Why is it so hard to ask for help.

vivian said...

I bet this smells heavenly! let us know how you like it! youre ambitious!
have a great week

My Vintage Mending said...

Yep...this looks like something I need. I have rosacia and cannot wear anything with dye or perfume. You are a Jill of all trades. Smiles...Renee

Sandy said... look to blogger comments! I think this would make great gifts! I will copy it and keep it, and hope I remember...LOL

sacramento said...

I have to try, my gorgeous Nan.

Carolyn said...

Nice idea Nan, sounds like this would work well as a massage bar - tasty ;)

Sam I Am...... said...

I love it or hope too! I have dry skin and sensitive. I try to buy "natural" but if you look on the back of them and see the ingredients you know they are NOT natural. This sounds wonderful. I have a beeswax lotion bar I bought from a farm in New Hampshire and I love it but it is pretty pricey although they last forever. Thank you so much for the recipe! Another Amazon order for me too.

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