Monday, February 6, 2012

Harry Potter and Snow

The idea for this necklace came from here.
My son found this on the net and thought I might like to make it and send to a friend who loves HP. I found the wings on Etsy and the other components all came from my local bead shop and or my beading stash. The wings are nice quality and not real silver but the rest of it is. I wore this to church today and not a single person knew what this was. In case you don't know it's the golden snitch in the Harry Potter books in which I have read each one. 
Ice in the bay
 The dog pen almost full now

We're at present in a melt down with warmer temps and some rain on the snow, going to be messy and icy. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Knew it immediately. My husband listened to the books on audio while going back and forth to work. Both boys ate the books up one by one. Miss Claire and I loved the movies. You did a bang up job there. I love it on the black. There are plenty of mountains right there in your own yard for the boys...smiles...Renee

Jane said...

The Golden Snitch - Wow! We had so much fun standing in line just before midnight those years when the HP books came out - makes me feel like re-reading all the books :)

Debi said...

Love this! What a great idea!!

Inger said...

A winter wonderland! And a gorgeous necklace. How talented you are!

A Vintage Chic said...

What a wonderful idea for a necklace, Nan--it turned out wonderfully! Of course I knew what it was immediately--perfect!

Brrrrrr! I just got a chill looking at all your snowy, cold photos! I'm glad you're warming up a little--hope it doesn't get TOO sloshy!

Wishing you a beautiful, cozy day, dear friend!


LINDA said...

great post!!


Linda from

Sandy said...

I knew what it was too! i loved the HP books...I need to start watching the movies.:) How do you put up with that much snow???? It sure is pretty to look at but can't be fun to deal with!

Linda said...

A lovely necklace, makes it more special that it was inspired by a beloved book.

sacramento said...

Beautiful neclace. You are claver, and it is good to see you closer up, my dear Nan

Sam I Am...... said...

Is that your house? Do you live on the bay? It's gorgeous! Is that your boat? Do you go out in the summer...what a life! It's just beautiful there!

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