Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friends with Big Machines

It pays to have friends with big machines when you live here. Our holding tank for the septic tank alarm went off on Sunday night which means the pump is not working or something is plugged up. To get down to the opening Bob called on our friend George Hamm to come over and move some snow around. Now the septic guys have arrived and is taking the pump out to test it and will be back tomorrow with it fixed or a new one to install and a large bill I'm sure. 
I've had enough of sewing on dark fabrics in the winter. I'm putting away my purple suit and leaving it to when we have days and nights full of sunshine. I will look now to light shades I can see easily. I think I'll make this a rule from now on. I picked out this yellow Kona cotton and decided to make this top I've made before out of white Dupioni silk. I just can't wash this fabric until our pump is back in and working. I pretty much preshrink my fabrics just to be sure.


LBP said...

UGH hate that about your septic pump! And all that snow!!! I love that yellow fabric. I have been sewing for summer this past week as well. I have made a light blue plaid skirt and top from a vintage pattern and some pj's made from some vintage pink fabtic. One of these days I'll get some photos of them to put on my blog!

My Vintage Mending said...

I adore the kona cottons. To me they are like silk. A nice heavy cotton that irons like a dream even without starch. This is a great shade of yellow. Best of luck on the tank. It can always be a trouble maker not to run the water.

Debby said...

Hope they can fix the problem swiftly and without alot of cost.
How much daylight do you have there this time of the year.
I can't believe all of the snow. So beautiful but sooooo much.
Good luck with that pump.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I love living in Alaska vicariously! =D Such adventures...you are modern pioneers! Good luck on the septic tank thing...sounds super inconvenient!

Inger said...

That is a LOT of snow! With your talents you could open up a clothing boutique.

Inger said...

That is a LOT of snow! With your talents you could open up a clothing boutique.

Jane M said...

Ah, my mother warned me that owning ahouse would nickel and dime me but she didn't mention the sheer tie inconvenience too! Hope everything is working properly soon since that looks like a terrific next project.

Jewels said...

Living with a septic pump can be such fun (though mine has never been covered with as much snow as yours LOL). I agree with you on working with bright colours - lovely yellow! J

Sandy said...

My heart goes out to yall!! We live in Wasilla & my hubby was out this week end trying to find out where something was frozen in our water lines....second time this winter & normally we've not had this problem. Man. Just have to be on it, huh?! :o)
Sandy at Tea Cup Lane told me about you so thought I would come by & check your blog out. I just started one several days ago. I too am retired up here. Love it!!
Have a great day!

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