Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cold and Snow

 From FB the new -50 Club at UAF

Snowshoeing yesterday with friend Neil and his special vintage snowshoes check these out!
 Sewing a dress the color aubergine for my daughter. 
The boys watching us eat!
Temps here all the way up to 31 degrees today with yet another blizzard going on until 4 pm today. Then the temps should drop back down after this moved out. 


Trish said...

I bet 31 feels like a heat wave! Stay warm :)

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I bet you are nice and cosy in that gorgeous home of yours knitting away, ahhhhhhhhhh

Kath said...

OOOOhhh that caught my eye! The fellas in Alaska are obviously "all man" :-D

Debby said...

I can't imagine how cold that really the snowshoes ....not so much those bikini guys, hah.
We have 60 today. Very weird.
Stay warm.

My Vintage Mending said...

I never had that much fun in college! What else can you do when it is that cold? Love those snowshoes. I dearly love how those gorgeous boys share the same bed even though there are two. Looks very familiar.

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! the lower the temps go the more those students take off! LOL! If the temp goes any lower those pics will be x-rated! LOL!
Your "boys" are so cute....2 beds but they're cuddled up together on one. Of course, it could be they're trying to stay warm!
It's been really warm here...70 yesterday. A very warm winter. If I'd known I would have worked outside more but the weather people here are crazy wrong most of the time! It was supposed to be cold and rainy yesterday....NOT!
More snow? You lucky! I never realized how much I missed it and I just love hearing about yours. Have you always lived in Alaska or did you just retire there?
I haven't sewed clothes since my children were little and I was young but I want to get back to it. I've learned quilting and I enjoy that but definitely want to make some clothing too. My next sewing project is cafe curtains for my kitchen window.
Thanks again for your blog and your pictures. Love the vintage snowshoes!

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