Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Variety Today & Another Winner

I had not heard from my winner Angie in Kingston, ON Canada so Kalen drew another name today and it was Cheryl she just needs to send me her address so I can mail out the baby quilt kit. 

 A blizzard going on out there and I take Wed off from the gym anyway so this is good. Wanted to mention a few things about my blog. I have it in books from Blog to Print. It's all done now from June 08 to present so I have deleted all but this year and 2011, 
 The boys drinking their 'juice'. Dogs in cold climates who don't pant don't drink enough, to insure they do I have  liquids in with their two feedings and 'juice' at noon. What do I use? Whatever I have cooked with and saved and if not that a teeny amount of low sodium chicken or beef stock as shown below here. They get all warm meals by the way. What do I feed them? I went through a lot of foods to find one that agreed well with them, now I've been using California Natural lamb and rice. Cost for bags of food up here is very high, shipping you know. Two 30 lb bags is $118. I also use NuVet Plus a canine supplement recommended by Pan's breeder for the life of the dog. 
Above is the local eagles nest I photographed while snowshoeing. 

This is a pumpkin soup I made up and it's so good.
A lunch yesterday of cauliflower, organic pink beets and an Angus burger. We don't eat large amounts and eliminating the sugar and heavy carbs can really do a number on your body to keep your weight in check. 


sacramento said...

I do love all your points, dear Anne. I wish I could fell what a blizzard is like. I bet it feels cosy inside.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love a good blizzard but now that I'm in the South...not a chance.
I was very interested in what you were saying about your dogs hydration. I have a Rottweiler that is scratching a lot and I give her an oil supplement and she always has water available. My other dog, a miniature dachsund does not have the same itching. They both get Frontline. She's been to the vet and he sees nothing unusual but she never pants except in the summer and I'm wondering if she is simply dehydrated. I think I might try your idea of giving her some chicken broth during the day and see if that helps. I know she would drink that up for sure!
Also, thanks for Blog To Print. That's a great idea! Love your meals too...they look delish!

LunaLoo said...

Your soup looks yummy!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan. I was just grabbing the boys food the other day. 58 dollars a bag that last just under two weeks. We are on the Royal Canine bulldog blend. That soup looks amazing. Did you find that blog to book expensive? Just wondering if I should jump in and do it. Smiles...Renee

Inger said...

Lucky you, a blizzard! Still no snow here. I want to make some blog books too. I'll go to the site and if I have any questions, I'll let you know. Thanks for you help with the other stuff, I haven't tried it yet. Busy, busy, we're off to take the dogs for their walks.

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