Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunny cold days

Enlarge these they will go across your screen.
Snow shoeing again yesterday and this afternoon we are headed out. 
Sunny days and low temps leave us with no excuses not to. 
The dogs need the workout and can only stay out about 30 minutes
due to the cold on their feet. Bob has already been to the pool and
I've been to the gym but we must work the dogs, they stand and whine
at us pleading to go. 
About our water. We have water here, lots of it as we live in a wetland.
Due to rotting vegetation there is a lot of tannins in the water which
makes it not potable. When digging down you come to layers of
peat formed by the years of rotting of this grassland here. A few have
put in wells successfully (very expensive) and others like us get hauled water. The
city water does not come out this far at this time.
*Another pheasant gone this morning (4 now.) When we got up 7 eagles were out
here, some on the snow and others flying, I grabbed my camera and 
my battery was dead. Ran for the other one upstairs and when I got down
I see of all things two dogs running for eagles. They all flew off while
I yelled at the loose dogs. They don't belong here, no one here has loose
dogs so they came from outside our subdivision. I will be looking out for them!


Sam I Am...... said...

Oh! I'm so glad I found you! I LOVE Alaska...the last frontier! I've never been and may never make it but your sharing it with me is very special!
I read your blog on water and heating and I could not afford it! But I'm glad you can! LOL!
I live in Arkansas but came from the midwest and want to go back as it is too hot for me here. I love the cold and the snow and it's a long story how I got here but it's a beautiful place also.
I read books on Alaska, watch movies and documentaries. If I was younger I'd head out! Plus...I'm afraid of heights and it seems to have gotten worse with age along with a few other things! LOL! Glad I found you and I'll be a true blue follower! Thanks again!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh beautiful. It must be hard on the doggies to not play longer. Can they wear those booties?

My Vintage Mending said...

Well, my mom has her gas, propane and water hauled in her in Kansas. It is expensive. She does the rain runoff for her plants and yard. They have to have the gas for the tractor and such. It is an expensive life but it is so peaceful. My dogs will whine too. They want to smell the fresh air too....smiles...Renee

Urban Rustic said...

Beautiful colours in the landscape photo!

sacramento said...

Wonderful photos again, dear Nan.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I could use some snow shoes today. We have a blanket of snow here in Iowa - very pretty but not HALF as PRETTY as Alaska where you are. I am sure I could get some beautiful pictures if I went up to my husband's folks' farm. I love going there, it is breath taking, but with the roads right now, not feasible.

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