Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I want to thank everyone for following along with my sewing in 2011, my dogs, and our life here in Alaska. I really appreciate it when someone takes time to post a comment no matter how brief then I know you care and your friendships mean a lot to me. 
Well I am off to a start this new year with these two.

The above project is from that talented young lady, and shop owner, Sunni who writes a blog I read called A Fashionable Stitch, found in my blog roll. She taught me the difference between grosgrain and petersham ribbon which I purchased from her shop along with many other items this last year. I'm making a skirt along the lines of her tutorial which is posted on her blog. 
I love these young women as I have learned so much from them this last year. Just because I'm 70 and have been sewing since I was in junior high doesn't mean that methods don't improve and new ideas come to light and I like to be right there to pick up on them. 

I have cut out the jacket for the Nancy Drew I call it I'm making this year. Lots of pieces and all of them say, cut two of fabric, two of lining and two of interfacing. So far I just have the amethyst, aka purple, wool gabardine cut out.
This is the type project which takes me a lot of time as there is tailoring and lining involved, no not a quick sew. I will be working on other projects around this long running one. 
Family Retro Photo
I will close with this beautiful family at Easter which is my cousin Betty, she's always been a cutie, with her kids (my second cousins) way back in the 50's. Betty (my Mom's sister's child) is around 87 now and her daughter there on the left looking so fabulous in her glasses, hat, and gloves is Kathy who is in her 60's now. We communicate on FB as she lives in HI.
Kathy likes to make beautiful quilts and bags today with a Hawaiian theme to them.  I thought she just looked so smart here I couldn't stand it and had to post for you to see!
In fact I think I'll post more old photos of family I think you might like to see the fashions. 
Happy New Year to all my blog readers!


sacramento said...

My wonderful Nan.
hAVE THE BEST YEAR EVER, and let me share it with you and your magic.

LunaLoo said...

Happy New Year to you Nan! I hope you have a wonderful year in every way! The retro family photo takes me back. I was little then but remember having furniture like that in the early to mid 60's, we called it Bahama furniture. Can't wait to see your projects this year. I too have found Sunni's shop, tutorials and customer service to be a refreshing find.

vivian said...

Happy New Year Nan! Always love to see what youre sewing up! I dont know how you accomplish so much!
Its a beautiful day here to start out the new year.. hope it is there too! (though it appears that no matter what the weather is there.. its always beautiful!)

missy said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. I look forward to another year of seeing all of your beautiful finishes, your sweet fur boys and the amazing pictures of your Alaska life.


My Vintage Mending said...

Happy New Year always inspire me to grow in my sewing. I have just ordered a new Japanese clothing pattern book to make more for me this year. I love your zest for life your continued need to grow in both sewing and all things. Your friendship is very special to me...thank you for sharing. Blessings for the coming year...smiles...Renee

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Ooo, Nan! I Love Kathy's little hat! What color do you think her dress was? So sweet.

I look forward to following along with you in 2012! ♥

Jane said...

Happy New Year, Nan!
Always enjoy your blog even though I don't always leave a comment. Your sewing feats are so amazing to me! I sewed for years - even made wedding gowns for both my daughters - but haven't lately. Who knows, maybe 2012 will be the year to start again?!
Jane-Jacksonville/Aralia Jane

Linda Ruthie said...

Happy New Year Nan!!! Just look at all the sewing you completed in 2011. All the fashions you create are so beautiful. I always enjoy reading your blog, whether it's about sewing, wildlife or family. I love the family Easter picture and I hope you will be sharing more of those in 2012.
Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Happy New Year and many blessings your way! Your pictures are the greatest, always. And your sewing inspiring! Thanks so much!

margits bastelstube said...

happy new year, liebe nan!
ich wünsche dir für 2012 gesundheit und glück.
alles liebe

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Happy, happy new year Nan. I am often not leaving a comment, but always checking in!

Sandy said...

I so enjoy your blog, you know that! Us dog people need to stick together! And I think you are a very talented lady! You know, these "vintage" fashions are really becoming big right now with the younger set of women...everything great goes around more than once! Happy New Year Nan! Sandy

Jane said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Nan! Who knows, I might join you in sewing this year!
Happy New Year!
Aralia Jane

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Kath said...

Happy New Year Nan, looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Kath x

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