Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bunnies about

My friend Karen's home. She turned loose her domestic rabbits several years ago and they run all over. They are really quite tame and came right up to me. Yes the eagles do get them from time to time, but you know how bunnies reproduce if left unchecked! 

 On the way home two moose in our subdivision.
 My front door today
Last a Primal meal of sweet potatoes, salad, and a charbroiled angus burger I buy frozen, they are so good. 
Having friends over for dinner at 6 today. A roast in the slow cooker as my oven is out, bread and potatoes for them, and fresh green beans, dessert is coconut chip ice cream make by me. So easy.
Blend 1 can coconut milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup honey
You can add 2 Tbs of powdered coco for chocolate but this time I added coconut unsweetened in the blender. Blend all this together and put in the ice cream machine for 20 minutes then I added chocolate chips and put in the freezer until serving. It's so good and makes 4 small servings.


vivian said...

love the picture of the moose! I do suppose the eagles have to eat.. but I hate to think that the bunnies could be their dinner!
your coconut icecream sounds good!
have fun!

Debby said...

The bunnies are so cute. It's probably hard to count them between the multiplying and the eagles, hah. I had a cute little bunny once. I loved it but can see why she turned them loose. They are so stinky.
Your lunch looks so yummy.
I am hoping just for injections in my finger. If it locks permanently it's surgery......and I don't want that. It has gotten worse.
If you want to make one heart, I will swap with you. I am having fun making them.

My Vintage Mending said...

Those bunnies don't have trouble with the climate? I can just imagine how cute they look against the white of the snow. Think of us when you see those moose. As we only see the rare poodle and such. Smiles...Renee

sacramento said...

Loving the rabbits in the snow, and your front house too, sooooooooooo lovely, Nan

Sam I Am...... said...

That's a great idea to let them loose and you can still feed them and enjoy them. I hate to see anything chained or caged.
Love the moose picture! I used to go up to Canada in the summer fishing and in all those trips i never once saw a moose or a bear and I was wanting to!
I just finished reading A Naturalist in Alaska by Adolph Murie and Illustrated by his brother Olaus. It was published in 1961 but written from his years as a field biologist for the National Park Service in Alaska 20's - 40's I think. He was born in 1899. I love reading books like that from years ago.
I love ice cream but shouldn't eat it but every once in awhile I treat myself. Yours sounds "healthy" and delicious! What kind of ice cream maker do you have? I only have the old fashioned kind that's big and electrified but living alone I don't need that much. Thanks for the pics and the recipe!

Miranda said...

Great photos Nan. I love the bunny story!

We have been eating primal for about a month. It hasn't been too hard of a transition, though I miss my bread sometimes.

If only I would lose more weight, I would be completely happy, but I know that will come in time.

Take care Nan!

MJ said...

Those bunnies bring back a lot of memories of when my Karen was little. Her kindergarten teacher raised bunnies and he would let the kids who wanted them have a bunny (with parents' permission) and then if they didn't want to have the work of taking care of them in the winter they could give them back to him. Karen use to get a bunny from him each summer for about 3 years and even take it for walks--used the type of harness used for a cat so it couldn't get loose and put a leash on it--turned a lot of heads to see her walking a bunny.

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