Friday, December 30, 2011

New Patterns, Cabinets, and Wildlife

These patterns are all $3.99 each and from the Vogue website. I ordered all of them last night. The red dress is made from this pattern at the bottom, stunning I thought. 
Well as you can see I've not slowed down when it comes to plans for 2012 and my sewing. My craft room is just coming together, or will when the top half arrives and I'll be good to totally move in there in 2012. 
The boys are posing (without me asking) while I snap a shot of my cabinets. My daughter and I went to our one store for 'variety' and bought some of these plastic bins to put on the shelves as I had not thought out this prior to seeing this finished, pull out bins makes sense to me. That box on the far right is my wall mounted iron which will not go up until all cabinets are completed to be sure of placement in the room.
 Kalen above is showing you the bins. 
Pan is showing you below that I have one draw completely filled with my patterns. I'm sure he checks to see if any treats dropped in there, it could be a storage for treats you know!

I'm thinking this is an immature Goshawk that is plaguing the pheasant we feed. Yesterday not only two of these guys were hovering over them they had a dive bombing eagle that came right down near the feeder landing near a bird but missed him. That all happened to quickly for my camera. We had snow all day and all night and the snow plower just came again with more coming down. Our snow here is a very light and dry snow almost totally moisture free. I'm headed to the gym soon in this. 


MJ said...

Those bins are perfect in there---looks like the shelves were made for them, perfect size. They'll make it so much easier to keep things nice and neat on the shelves and easy to get at just what you want. I can hardly wait to see what it all looks like once the top half is there and everything is complete.

Sandy said...

Here I am Nan trying to catch up on my blog reading...again. I love your cabinets! Are you going to paint them? The "boys" always know where to stand for pictures even if you aren't taking their photos. That silver bracelet you gave as a gift is just stunning by the way. I wish we had snow like you do. I miss having a white Christmas. Usually, even if it doesn't snow here in Philly, there is snow when we go to Ohio. But not this year. We had some snow flakes yesterday but it melted in the air. Happy New Year!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh these are all goodies. Dogs and patterns. Hawks and cabinets. There is always a show here. I adore that red dress. Can you just imagine the day when that was every day wear. I must have an old soul. It must have been such a site to see women walking up and down the streets dressed so beautifully. Smiles...Renee

Debi said...

Great pattern purchases! I just love how adorable your boys look showing off your new sewing space :) Have a lovely New Year's and I look forward to many more sewing adventures together in 2012!

LunaLoo said...

Your sewing room is shaping up very nicely, I love the pattern drawer idea. I also shop the Vogue pattern website. If you time it right you can really make out like a bandit. McCalls and Butterick have similar sales. Happy New Year and as always, I love your wild life and Alaska pictures as much as your sewing blogs.

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