Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Old Patterns

I love these three patterns I scored on Etsy today. The first one I just liked and have nothing in mind right now but the other two I have ideas lined up. 
Here is a skirt I spotted on Pinterest and printed off. I have similar fabric and over 5 yards of it was given to me. 
This doesn't look like much right now but I cut out this cotton velvet antique white skirt today. I need it to go with something I was to wear around Christmas. My sewing has been rather stalled up with all the Christmas gathering and preparing going on here. Hope I can at least get this skirt finished it's quite an easy one to make.


Inger said...

I remember the Butterick's patterns from my feeble attempts at sewing so many years ago. Well, nothing came of that for me, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with these old patterns.

Charlene said...

Oh sweet Nan... $300 on 4 pairs of shoes not on one! Even for my big feet I don't pay that!!!! LOL!!!!

LOVE that red & white fabric. Oh your skirt will look just like the Pintrest one or better I'm sure as your work is divine! Glad we're doing purple together this year. Hope your'e having a wonderful holiday season. Hug the fur boys for me. Charlene

My Vintage Mending said...

I have had my eye on that same skirt. It looks so cute in the stripe and the tuck in the front looks great. Don't even get me started on how great the old patterns are...smiles...Renee

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