Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing Project for this Week

 The weather is sunny & 30 degrees with a wind and the dogs are busy eating snow. This is the gold taffeta skirt which I see I have made longer than I really wanted it. Oh well not going to change it as I have horsehair braid in the hem.
The next project for this week I started yesterday and it's blouse of flannel plaid and I'm using left over brown cotton velvet for the collar and inside facings. 
We put my studded tires on today, finally, we're running late this year due to Bob's illness. He is doing well now with treatment of low dose steroids. He shouldn't do any heavy work so this year I did my tire change with Bob taking my part of the assistant. He has Polymyalgia Rheumatic which is inflammation in the body's muscles and joints similar to Lupus.  This can last a couple years then totally disappear as quickly as it came. The average age for getting this is 70. He's always been very healthy and weighs under 150, is active and never sick. Who knows why it comes on but at least it's treatable.


Anonymous said...

Your outfit is BEAUTIFUL! You look wonderful in it. I think this is my favorite of the outfits you have posted.
Park City, UT

Vintage Girl said...

You look lovely! I saw how you gathered your skirt it so perfect! You are doing great work!

My Vintage Mending said...

A girl after my own heart. One minute your sewing a taffeta skirt and the next minute you are changing tires. That's how I like to do things. So glad to hear Bob is feeling better I know the steroids can take it out of you. We are expected to get a few flakes tonight as well...My dogs love the snow. Beautiful job sewing....smiles...Renee

Debby said...

Beautiful skirt. I love it.
Sorry about your husband but so glad that it is treatable. Good that the two of you are so healthy. Hopfully this will go away. (((((HUGS))))

Cheryl said...

Your sewing is amazing. But... I must admit, I always get a chuckle out of seeing your beautiful dogs in most of all your photos.... and I wonder???? Every time you get dressed, p.j's etc... do your dogs start looking for the camera? lol

MJ said...

With a skirt that's so fully gathered like that and especially that gorgeous material I think the length is just perfect where you have it.

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