Friday, November 11, 2011

Pheasant and Bad Week for my car

 I took these through the windows of pheasant trying to sit in the tree eating the berries from Mountain Ash. 
This one female pheasant is a very dark cinnamon color on the far right.
This is what's left of my sun visor after Kalen got done with it. The dogs always wait in my car with no problem but this time he decided to chew this up. Now I'm going to leave him home for awhile. There are 10 visors available in the US for my car and a shop has ordered me one for $73. to get it here, not happy. Also this week I had a $109. new battery and a $560. rebuilt alternator installed in my car. Don't need Kalen helping me spend anymore.


Kath said...

Ooh little scamp. Ours both chewed a bit when we forst adopted them, but it fizzled out.
I am looking at that snow! I keep forgetting how far North you are.

Debi said...

Oh no!!! that'scrazy that visors cost so much!!! bad car week but when I first saw the post title I thought it was a car accident involving a pheasant!!!! thank goodness it wasn't!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Good grief don't leave him alone with your sewing machine...going to pick up my new car tomorrow. It has been on order for 12 weeks. Makes me feel like I am being a bad mom to my old one. Perhaps I am a bit too emotional. Smiles....Renee

Inger said...

I enlarged the pheasant pictures and they are really something. They remind me of when I had the road runners in my tree, thinking about eating the baby birds that nested there. Until I shook them out of there. I'm sorry about the damage to your car. Dogs will be dogs, I guess.Samson is good most of the time now, but still not grown up enough for me to trust him with everything.

vivian said...

uh oh.. naughty doggie! cars are so expensive to keep up arent they? Its always at this time of year when I have way better things to do with my money that my car will need something! KNOcking on wood right now!
have a great weekend

donna said...

Whoops! I guess Kahlen wanted to go in with you? So sorry you are having all those car troubles.
Your pictures are beautiful.

LunaLoo said...

Ouch! If it is true that troubles come in threes, looks like this week should qualify then and all over with. Oh!! I hope that Kalen got it out of his system, whatever that was all about!

Jewels said...

Nan my experience with Cars is that when it rains, it pours! All repairs seem to come in clusters - sounds like you got your share this week. I've been reading about the weather up your way - sounds like you got missed? J

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!!! And to think right out your window!
About your sun visor I can't believe you can't repair with your sewing skills. I bet you could if you had a pattern. :)

Clint Moore said...

Ooh... that doesn't look nice at all. Replacing car parts like that can be a bit of a pain, no? It's not the most important of items, but it has its uses so you have to get a new one eventually - that takes some time and money.

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