Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nancy Drew Blouse and a Goshawk

This is the blouse I call the 'Nancy Drew' from the below pattern with the brown suit. I found this dupioni silk I had for years lying around and decided to cut one out on Sunday afternoon. I finished it Monday afternoon. Very easy to make and a good thing I made it as it very difficult to get off. It really needs a stretchy type fabric, at least for me it does. They do make a stretch satin I can get at the Russian shop. 

I notice a little face there watching me. 
The boys lie down right in front of my iron where I need to stand, they constantly do this. 
 This is a goshawk on Monday that is chasing the pheasant in our yard. 


My Vintage Mending said...

I never did understand why they made those blouses so hard to get into and out of. Love the color though. My 3 dogs love to be underfoot and I always feel so bad asking them to move. Just when they get comfortable I need to be where they are. Smiles...Renee

missy said...

Beautiful blouse. I think your boys are just trying to keep you from sewing so that you pay all of your attention to them. :)


Vintage Girl said...

Oh Nan, Your blouse is so pretty, everything about it is so pretty, the color, fit and style. You hit the nail right on the head with this one. With being in Alaska I wonder if you could make one in a heavy warm material. Beautiful!

Theophanie said...

Hi! I clicked over here because I saw the post title; I LOVE Nancy Drew. And, I love your blouse! It is gorgeous and it does remind me of Nancy Drew. I'm sorry it's a pain to get off, because it really is so pretty.

Penny-Rose said...

Lovely blouse - the colour is gorgeous. I like it that your dogs are in your photos and the Goshawk photo is great.

Jeannette - Crafty Hippo Designs said...

I just heard about the storm coming your way. Stay safe! I'll be praying for you, your town, and that whole area of Alaska.

Debi said...

Love this blouse! The colour is FANTASTIC!

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