Saturday, November 12, 2011

Concealing Stitches

Notice the facing on this satin shows the stitches to hold it down. I do not care for this look. In the dupoini silk the stitches did not show at all. I decided to dig out some vintage lace from Kathy H. and cover this up. Worked out well.
What are the boys so intense about here? They are waiting for their tiny morning treat. Dogs are not aware of the size of food.  It's best for their health to keep them lean and fit.  If you give a lot of treats this is a problem but not if they are just tiny pieces. 
*all taken with my iPhone 4S. 


My Vintage Mending said...

I like it. The contrast between the rough and the smooth. great combination. My dogs love ice cubes. They are so obedient. In the evening they get one tiny liver treat to go to bed. It is so cute to watch them wait for it. What beautiful boys you have...smiles...Renee

Storybook Woods said...

A beautiful solution!! Clarice

Gunnel said...

I love to sew myself, so I really enjoyed reading your blog. Lovely photos.

vivian said...

Gosh your pups are beautiful!
I'm sure I probably give my kittens to many treats... I should cut back a little.... yup.. I should!
have a great sunday!

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