Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last year I posted a similar photo of the price of pumpkins here in this part of Alaska. This is the SALE price by the way the normal price is 18.99 each.  Now you ask yourself do you want the view or do you want cheap pumpkins?
(I'll stick with the view)

Speaking of pumpkins this little guy arrived the other day from my dear sweet blogging friend Meri who does these wonderful sculptures. He is so much more fun to see in person than a photo. If you have not seen her work check it out she has a blog and does these giveaways quite frequently. Check too her Etsy shop where she sells her work and can also do custom orders. 
 Meri is a talented tag/card maker and made this Halloween one for me. I love it !!
Extras were included in my win. Meri knows it's hard for me to find stuff up here in AK so she sent me a goodie bag filled with trinkets! 
Meri thank you so much! I really appreciate this. 


ImagiMeri said...

Dearest Nan,

It was a pleasure to do that for you! You've been such a sweet, and supportive friend. I'm so glad you're number was pulled for at least one of the prizes. I like knowing that my work has gone to someone with integrity, and appreciation for the passion of creativity.

Thank you my dear friend,

Inger said...

That is a good friend. And, yes, I'm with you, I would take the view anytime!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Dear me! Maybe grow your own pumpkins?! Glad you got some goodies in the mail. ♥

Debby said...

Yes, take the view or the pricey pumpkins. I got too small/medium size ones for $3 each. I wanted more for the outside but didn't want to spend the money.
I love your new pumpkin face. Esp. those teeth. She does such cute things. What a bunch of goodies. So nice of her.
Seriously the giveaway on my blog is a good one. The quality is amazing. Hope you will.
All you pay is the shipping.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan...I thought the 8.99 large ones here were expensive and they are locally grown? We have passed on them this year as we are having so much work done on the outside of the house. Meri's work is just amazing. Smiles...Renee

GardenofDaisies said...

Hmmm, I think I would be looking for something native to Alaska that could be a good substitute for pumpkins.
Meri sent you some really sweet things... What a good friend.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I told my husband about the pumpkin price in Alaska and he said, We really do have bargain prices here in Iowa for $2."

I loved those cards!!! I have a friend that can make some really nice ones too.

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