Monday, October 24, 2011


Do any of you gals know of any good clothing labels I could order to put inside the clothing I make? If you have any knowledge of this I would appreciate the tip. 

The above labels are ones I made and printed myself on the linen sheets you can buy for the printer. They were made pretty good size like 2X3. A clothing label could be smaller. I don't have my designing program anymore on my Mac these were all made on my PC when I used Paint Shop Pro.
So if you know on line of any label shops let me know. Thanks Nan


MJ said...

I don't know anything about this company--have never used them but they let you upload your own design--might want to check them out.

vivian said...

I dont know of any, but I love the ones that youve made!

My Vintage Mending said...

There are several how to's on Pinterest. However I ended up doing mine on a Label file in word on my Mac. I remember having trouble inverting the image but somehow it worked and I printed them on tshirt transfer for twill tape. I have photoshop on my mac if you need help with the inversion. Smiles...Renee

LunaLoo said...

Your labels look very detailed and pretty. Don't know if this company might suit your needs but I have had a good experience with:

They will work with you and send you a pile of various samples and their customer service is excellent.

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