Monday, October 24, 2011

Kuspuk Making & a Give Away

In the below post she mentions the Kuspuk making and supplies needed. That got me to thinking about the pattern I have. These patterns seem a bit hard to come by.
What is a Kuspuk? It's a brightly colored garment worn by the Eskimo women over their parkas to protect the fur, or alone in the spring or summer. They like their Kuspuk's decorated with rickrack, ribbon, beads, trim, or embroidery. Lots of women in town wear them and I love the fabrics they pick which are very colorful. (I'm referring to the design with the little skirt.)
I've been thinking I might want to make one to give away. Let me see how I do first with making it as I've never used this pattern. I think I'll start on this after finishing the suit I'm making, keep you posted if you are interested.
I have a lot of this vintage fabric which I think would work well for this project.


gpc said...

I've seen them (sometimes by other names) on some other Alaska blogs - they are wonderful, and so different than what is generally worn 'down here.' Good luck on your project - you are such a talented seamstress that this should be a breeze!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I do hope they come with that sweet pup! Sounds like such fun and hard work. But then nothing is worth it without work...smiles...Renee

Paula said...

I would LOVE a kuspuk! I've always wanted one!

caracolina said...

Hi, I just stumbled over your blog looking for a sewing pattern for a summer parka. Can you tell me where you got yours? Thanks - Caroline

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