Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue Satin*Brown velvet

The blue top was finished Monday. I used view C without a collar due to the crinkles. Instead of hook & eyes down the front I used one vintage button (from Deb N. Pan's breeder) at the top as I find hook and eyes don't work very well. This crinkle satin is lined in Egyptian cotton I was saving for quilting in a gorgeous fuchsia color (no more saving.) At my age I want all things pretty, no more practical I did that already. The brown velvet skirt's hem is so perfect with the horse hair braid in it. I love using that stuff. 
What is next? Check this Dupoini silk in a plaid below. This will make a skirt for Christmas to be wore with the black velvet bolero! The fabric is much prettier than I can photograph. * question about the boys...yes they are always together like twins and always with me. 


Jane said...

Simply gorgeous! Love that turquoise - and with the surprise lining -Wow!

Debi said...

LOVE the jacket--I'm sewing a lot with that colour lately! And bestill my heart....tartan silk dupioni???? I think we MUST be kindred spirits :)

My Vintage Mending said...

Would never have put those two colors together but they are stunning. Cannot wait to try that horsehair out on an apron soon. I can see how it would straighten out a hem beautifully. Love that silk plaid. Could be a favorite. Exactly what I am going to do with the napkins...rick rack edges...enjoy your day...smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

Stunning as usual Nan. Can't wait to see the plaid turned into Christmas wear......very unique!


Jane M said...

So dramatically beautiful together. Yes, we deserve pretty after plenty of the practical in life.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your closet is brimming with beautiful clothing as you build your wardrobe. The jacket is lovely and the lining is dynamite! Your fall colors from your previous post are beautiful, too!

Sandy said...

Another beautiful top Nan! I love the turquoise! Are you on Pinterest yet? You will love it! Great inspiration there.

deborah said...


Love the blouse and the color. You are so very talented!!! So very happy you are enjoying the buttons I sent you!


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