Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Blues

Now sit there while I take your picture. 
Visited the Russian Fabric Shop today looking for material for a top to go with the finished brown velvet skirt show above with the dogs. I wanted binding for the hem and she pulls out of all things horse hair braid. I was thrilled to find it here and bought 6 yards for .25 a yard! I used it in the brown skirt it makes the hems so nice. 
I had my mind set on another color entirely but this blue jumped right out at me as it has a texture and weight to it. A yard and a half @ 5.00 a yard makes a top. One thing for sure I need more blouse patterns here. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Twenty five cents a yard! I hope you bought the bolt. Love the blue. Can't wait to see how it turns out. So surprised it is not the color of the dogs...more...still beautiful. Smiles...Renee

Anonymous said...

That color of blue is beautiful! You are such a productive person, very impressive. Do you your dogs always stay together? They seem very bonded to each other.
Park City, UT

ImagiMeri said...

Good Morning Pretty Lady,

I sure hope you're keeping your sewing machine are just a sewin' machine all by yourself. That blue is stunning, and will look perfect on your fair complexion. I think a jaunty little facinator with brown feathers and a touch of the blue would be just the perfect ensemble.

If I ever came to visit, I'd probably play dress-up with you, using you as the doll! I'm not fashionable in least with myself, but I'm great at dressing others. I love to go to clothing stores with my daughters and pick out things for them to try on. They are usually stunned to find that I've got pretty good taste and can pick perfect outfits for them.


Debby said...

That blue fabric is stunning. Love the boys as usual.
Thanks for the information. I will let you know when I hear more.
The man is a firefighter in
Alaska. He is engaged to a mom of one of my kids from last year. The cutest couple. I feel so bad for them. It is hard enough to have a long distance relationship. They do because of the kids involved.
Can't wait to see what you make out of the beautiful blue.

donna said...

Nan your blouse is going to be beautiful. What great deals you got. Your fur babies and so cute and well behaved.

Jane M said...

What a beautiful blue blouse that will be...and what beautiful companions in that pic.

A Vintage Chic said...

What a gorgeous blue, Nan--and what a deal you got!

Looking forward to seeing it all completed...hope your week is a wonderful one, my friend!


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