Thursday, October 27, 2011

1965 Jackie O Suit

Really a great photo of Kalen!

Well I 100% finished the Jackie O suite on Wednesday. 
I'm really happy with it and this silk suiting is so easy to sew with. I wanted to go outside but we're having high winds today so I'm not real happy with my photos.  The dogs were acting silly too. That's a silk blouse underneath I made awhile back for this suit. 
 Vintage black glass buttons
 Above is inside the skirt. The pattern did not call for lining there but I wanted it. 
 Inside the skirt waistband being sewn down by hand.
Lots of tailoring went on inside this jacket it was lots of fun to make and I'm glad I did it. 
I have some taffeta on the way from in a gold. I wanted to make a full skirt in gold or bronze for Fall. 
I might tackle that Kuspuk as well, after looking it over I was having doubts so I cut out a deep burgundy taffeta Toni doll dress for Christmas I'm adding some tatting to the skirt. 
The entire bluff behind us here is empty of leaves and I have this one Canoe Birch in our yard still holding on the the gold, reminds me of the Robert Frost poem. 


ImagiMeri said...

Just stunning Nan, oh and the suit is amazing, too!

I love that you did the images in black and white....just perfect.

Big Hugs,

gpc said...

Every piece you make is more beautiful than the one before. I think you're even more skilled now than when I first started following you! Amazing.

Debby said...

Another beauty......the suit and you. You make those classic patterns look so stunning.

Debby said...

Me again. You won the photo cards from Shutterfly. You won't be sorry at all. The quality is wonderful. Great for that anniversary photo shoot. Just send me an email so I can forward the numbers you need. Yippee.

E said...

Wow, love this suit. I never could do a decent job lining, fun watching you develop your sewing skill :) E in TN said...

So pretty Nan!

My Vintage Mending said...

Officially I can no longer pick a favorite. This is gorgeous. Perfectly picked color to line. Not to mention the buttons and the collar. Beautiful...Renee

LunaLoo said...

Very nice!

Linda said...

Lovely! I've been lurking and not commenting lately, but this brought me out.

Brownie1 said...

This suit is gorgeous! Your seamstress skills are amazing, Nan! Love your site and hope to comment more often now that I have learned how to choose an identity.

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