Friday, September 9, 2011

Tartan and Lace

I've been intrigued by these Alexander McQueen designs in tartan, lace, and tule. What do you think? Do you see me making such a dress? I'm going to work up to this gathering all the elements I need to make something similar in time. A tartan with a stretch would be good. I saw some black lace in the Russian shop I really should grab for this. 


vivian said...

I love it! I think you would look great in those colors and you should definitely go for it! cant wait to see!
Youre quite a creative seamstress! I can sew things, but clothing have to be too perfect. Maybe someday I'll sew a piece of clothing! lol.. like pajamas.. so if I mess up no one will see them!
have a great weekend!

Debby said...

I agree, I could see you in something like this. Can't wait to see you in what you decide to make.
Thanks for your comment about Izzy. We go back to the vet tomorrow. Her antibiotics are gone now. SHe has been on the SamE for a week and the Thistle Milk for 4 days. I wanted to try everything I could find before the next step. Cushions..did I sp. that right......kept coming up when I researched. She doesn't have many of the symptoms but I will ask the vet tomorrow. Such a worry that little girl of mine. I know she doesn't feel well as she is grumpy with Piper. Poor Piper doesn't understand why.
Have a good week-end.

My Vintage Mending said...

Most certainly...I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard that the new styles were going to be more conservative. These are really are more appealing to me. The masculinity of the tartan and the femininity of the lace marry perfectly. Go for it. Smiles...Renee

Anonymous said...

I could wear one of those tartan dresses with a pair of boots this winter.


Charlene said...

Pretty!!!! I think you would love this. And I'd love to see the black lace you were talking about. Are you starting to get cold? We got a cooling off but, NO RAIN!!! Hope you are enjoying the begining of fall. HUGS! Charlene

limpingalong said...

Hello to Homer Alaska! I am a Texas girl but I have family in Homer. Their name is Fraley and they run a print shop and also build houses (I think.) The mother of the family is Janice Fraley.
We visited Alaska -- cruised in up the inside passage and then flew home from Anchorage. We didn't make it to Homer to see the cousins but I'm hoping to make it there someday. Enjoyed seeing your blog -- please visit mine sometimes -- I've been a little quiet this summer but there are a few things on it.

Deborah said...

Very fun and festive design, edgy with a gothic flare! I would love to see you make something similar! Make sure you keep it above the knee so you can show off your legs! Debbie

Debi, Ben and Tara said...

Ah! I am OBSESSED by the same collection! I love it so much!!! You should definitely make a McQueen inspired dress!!!

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