Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Progress

I've been working 2 afternoons on this dress. It's a whole lot of extra work when it's lined. I use freezer paper as backing for the slippery satin which I hate sewing on and do all the time so go figure. Now I'm adding the lining to the top half and haven't even started on the bottom yet. A lot of time is taken in details you don't see like finishing off all the edges on the inside on the fabric and the lining layer. 
I've also been searching for 2.5 yards of Dupioni navy blue silk for a skirt such as Gertie made that really attracted me. I must have one of these skirts but I cannot find the yardage at a good price on line, good meaning 16.95 a yard and under. 
A 1990's pattern off Etsy I just got sure love this pattern. 


My Vintage Mending said...

That's a ton of yardage. Why so much? Did you try ebay? Freezer paper is a sewers best friend. Never have had a use for it in the kitchen. I love the lines o this gaberdine dress. Keep me posted...smiles...Renee

LunaLoo said...

Greetings from Florida!

$17 here with free shipping

$17.95 here with free shipping:

Good luck with the under $16.95 :)

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