Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retro and Red

 A retro pattern with peplum and this red gabardine has such a soft hand it's a dream to cut and sew.
Not one to dilly dally I'm off and running Tuesday afternoon with sewing and fitting and fooling with this pattern until hopefully I got it right. I had to make so many adjustments and I'll know if they worked after I start to sew together this red gabardine. The muslin indicated the areas in which I needed to change: length on top 1 inch longer, back between shoulders 2 inches wider and waist one inch larger just to be sure as this fits tight. I can always adjust the side seams and darts for that fit too. It's also fully lined so after I sew together the gabardine I have to cut and sew together the red satin lining all over again BUT the upside is there are no facings to deal with. I need to see if the Russian shop has a 12" red zipper tomorrow one goes up the back on this pattern. 


Creative Breathing said...

Nan, Your wonderful posts about vintage patterns had me nearly purchasing one for you yesterday! I could already picture how wonderful you would look in the creation.
Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. What an inspiring milestone. You are beyond stylish in your wedding garb; so I know that you have loved fashion always. What a treasure you are! Elizabeth

My Vintage Mending said...

The best part of gaberdine is the way it hangs. It is so fluid. This is a gorgeous shade. I just ordered the same color in a mini corduroy for a cape. Claire is going to be Red Riding Hood. Sitting on the edge waiting to see it finished. Have a great time sewing...smiles...Renee

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