Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Old and New/Back with the Old

 My old 1947 Singer with reliable button hole maker.
Everything about this old machine is simple and easy! From the way it threads and winds a bobbin to the way it goes forward and backward. Where did all the simplicity go with these new machines?
My top is finished and the plaid that came matches  perfectly for the skirt so I'm on the way to cut that out. Here is my problem. I take a lot of time and trouble to finish a garment only to have holy hell raised when I try and put in the button holes using my 2007 Husqvarna made in Sweden machine (really nice) with two methods for button holes. I can truly tell you they are NOT reliable and will take off in the wrong direction on my beautiful and completed garment making it so I must rip button holes out NOT fun or good for the fabric. Today I resorted to actually opening up my Mom's old Singer I have always had and using the button hole maker which can make a nice button hole any day of the week. I might just stick with this method! The old Singer can't stitch very fast anymore after all it is old enough for Medicare. 


David T. Macknet said...

When you say that it can't stitch very vast any more, I want to ask you two questions: do you oil the thing, and does it have an electric pedal? If oiling it doesn't fix the speed and it has an electric pedal, you may find that it's like the one I inherited from my mother-in-law.

I took apart the pedal and found a series of graphite disks. These disks, when compressed, conduct a variable amount of electricity depending upon the pressure. Over time, this stack of disks had lost an essential element: graphite powder floating around in there to complete the circuit. So, it wouldn't go very fast, because very little current was coming through.

The solution: split a pencil down the middle & pare off the pencil "lead" into a powder, then put that powder in amongst the disks. The machine works, and all it cost was some time and a pencil. :)

Chris said...

I just wish I had a small amount of your talent.

Sherri B. said...

Your mom's Singer in beautiful. Those old machines are workhorses for sure!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

I wish I could find an oldie but goodie to use. i loved my grandmother's! They go fast enough for me!!

The jacket is gorgeous with the plaid!

NanE said...

Yep, the old machines are the best! I have a Pfaff that is so old, it says "made in Germany", as in before WWII! It is so reliable and hums right along. It's only drawback, it's body is made out of cast iron and it is sooooo heavy!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan you have heard the story about me getting rid of my thousand dollar machine for my beloved Juki. Looks very similar to your Medicare model! Only it doesn't expect handouts! I cough! It sews like a dream only backwards and forwards. I don't have a button hole maker and have often wondered if those Singer (small) versions are worth trying. Your machine is gorgeous. I must say I love the simplicity of my machine. Gorgeous color! Smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

It may be slow, but it's stunning!!!! What a beauty Nan. I rue the day I got rid of my old machine, that thing could sew through cow hide one minute and then the sheerest of voile the next.

Sewing should be relaxing dearest, so step away if you're getting stressed. Try sewing something silly or just for fun to break the tension of all the precise craftsmanship you're dealing with.


Helen said...

We have the same sewing machines...mine had been my mom's. It is great for what I do..make the Christmas stockings for all members of the family...haven't had a new baby for 5 years...I just might be done..

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