Saturday, September 24, 2011

Next Sewing Project

Here is my latest project the pattern is below and also the skirt sample is in the below post. I hope that blue in the plaid matches, wait I see I guess. 

This is the pattern I'm using bought on Etsy a 1948 suit. My skirt I will not make this long. Since the pattern was small for me I cut it larger and it turned out way too large. Been taking it in. Have to look in my vintage button stash to see what I'll use on this. It does not call for lining but I am considering putting some in. Both sleeves are in now and I'm hemming it. 
This came today and it's just so nice if you have not sewn on real cotton velvet you should. It's a beautiful fabric and I'm not sure what I'll make but it's 56" wide and 2 yards each.


My Vintage Mending said...

I just did Claire's cape in cotton velvet. It is wonderful to work with. I love these colors. Can't wait to see. Smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

Hiya pretty winner lady,

I'm so glad you won one of my sculpts, I really hope you like it. Your jacket is turning out lovely. I see a lovely vintage sheath out of the pink fabric, and maybe you can make a matching shrug or bolero jacket for it in something complimentary (for spring, maybe?).

Love ya'

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