Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finished the Gathered Silk Skirt

Sorry trying to photograph a navy silk skirt is not easy it just doesn't want to show up! I finished this today and wish I had my red shoes to wear with it but I sent them back and am waiting the replacements from My feet shrunk. The shoes I have on however are brand new never worn black leather. I actually had to buy 3 pair of shoes as I was so lacking in them for the outfits I have made.
This plaid is 40% linen, 40% silk, and 20% cotton. Will be interesting to know the feel of this. I'm planning on a vintage pattern plaid skirt. I have some gabardine that is the blue in this so that might work for the jacket.

Solid Dark Beige
Light Weight
Worsted Wool Suiting
Imported from Italy Suitable for
Suits, Slacks, &
100% Wool
63" Wide
Hand Wash Cold or
Dry Clean
Usually $22.00/yd.

I will look over my patterns and figure out this one, maybe a suit jacket. They were both only 8. a yard on sale. However they will take a month to arrive. 


ImagiMeri said...

Hey pretty lady,

You are just a sewin' phenom aren't you? I hope you've increased your closet space, too! Have a lovely weekend!


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

WOW--gorgeous!! I learn so much from your posts!
You've inspired me to take up apparel sewing for myself again!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You look so great in your skirt! Love the pictures of you and your pups. Have a nice day! Twyla

vivian said...

what a great outfit on you! where do you wear all these beautiful clothes too!?
also wanted to thank you for the email about the fairy doors! I am going to try to find a door and make a little porch like you did for my craft room!
have a great weekend

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan that silk is beautiful in a full skirt. I wouldn't have thought it would be the right fabric but it turned out beautifully. Did you have enough fabric? I love the plaid. Zappos is my go to store for shoes too. White shirt looks great with the fashion show! Smiles...Renee

LunaLoo said...

I wish I had more time to sew and be creative. I leave the house at 7:30-8 in the morning and rarely home before 7-7:30 in the evening. I'm with Tamera, your posts are inspirational and you get your projects done!

A Vintage Chic said...

Your skirt looks fantastic, Nan--and so do you, my friend!

Love the post about the Russian wedding, beautiful!

Thanks for all you share, dear friend...


Sandy said...

Another lovely outfit Nan! You're such a fantastic seamstress. I think those dogs just love you. Two shadows always there for you.

Diane Mars said...

You look so pretty, what a great thing to make your own clothes, I did when I was younger, maybe I will try to do it again sometime. Thanks for the B-day wishes. The Toni clothes are going in my E-bay Shop. I have one listed already and 2 more go up around 2 today the others later in the day. Hugs, Diane

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