Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Sewing

Here is my tropical weight teal wool skirt that I finished after church today. The top photo shows the horsehair braid I put in the hem as I learned all this from Gertie (who is in my blog roll.) Gertie shows a video on how to hem with horsehair braid. Never heard of it for hems, you see I am learning after a lifetime of sewing new things and especially new sewing methods from these young women. I love it! The second photo shows how I cut off the black stretch lace from the hem as it was 'pulling' and replaced it with horsehair which looks beautiful in the hem. I sewed the hem on the machine too and it barely shows. 
I am in the process this afternoon of making the Duponi silk top/jacket for this skirt. I barely had enough fabric. I need to review my ordering techniques for fabric ! Well I hope this top fits is all I can say!


Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Someday I must learn how to sew - you are truly and inspiration!

ImagiMeri said...

How interesting, I haven't seen horsehair anything in ages. I know it was an old theater and costume trick, but I haven't seen it used in mainstream sewing before. It does make the hem pretty nice.


Charlene said...

Aren't you a busy bee!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 50 years is amazing!!!! We will celebrate 41 in October. Aren't we blessed to have chosen well!!!! Hope you celebrate all year long & every year!

LOVE the flowers in the photos you shared. I remember how huge the flowers are in Alaska! Those long days of light are good for something other than missed sleep aren't they my friend! HUGS!

MJ said...

The hemming job looks fantastic Nan--I never heard of using horsehair braid either--guess that's showing my age too. I never sewed hems on the machine either unless they were on jeans or casual pants, always did dresses and skirts by hand---yours looks gorgeous.

My Vintage Mending said...

I have three packages of this very odd seamstress stuff. Thank you for clearing it up and moving me on to the tutorial so that I can use it. What a great skirt...smiles...Renee

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