Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trip Across the Bay Part II

Arriving at Tutka Bay Lodge we had a variety of finger foods, coffee and lots of other drinks on the big deck all donated by the TBL. The lodge has 8 buildings and 13 bathrooms I'm told. It's certainly an upscale beautiful lodge. 

Hiking trails.

The scientists who gave talks to us, they were all great.
Above is our president Linda handing out the last 'porthole' prize which was a beautiful quilt made by one of our members. 
This is Gull Island where hundreds of Black legged Kittiwakes and Common Murres nest in the summer months. 


MJ said...

What a fantastic trip this had to have been. Everything is so gorgeous there even if the weather decides not to cooperate as much as you'd like it too. I'm sure it was a great feeling to see how it all came together after all the months of planning.

My Vintage Mending said...

Can't imagine how wonderful this trip was. A day outside on the water and in the vegetation with food. Plus it was for a charitable cause. Nice to see you all had a great time...smiles...Renee

Vintage Girl said...

Beautiful photos! That must have been a wonderful trip!

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