Sunday, August 14, 2011


Finally finished the off white silk blouse that goes under the Chanel jacket. Don't for a minute think because I've been sewing all my long life it's easy. I struggle and wonder at times if I'm totally loosing it! With this simple little blouse I had to correct twice the two ends where they come together and are buttoned in back, one being 5/8's inch at least longer than the other. Now how does this happen I say? I won't even go into the fits the buttonholes gave me until I figured out my machine's buttonholer to my satisfaction
My cute pattern came today from Etsy, this one.
I have ordered Dupioni white silk for top B and a teal/navy gabardine for the skirt.
Enlarge this and take a close up look it's just gorgeous a Chanel/Lagerfeld type suit, who wouldn't want one of these smart little outfits!


Annesphamily said...

You are so dreamy! I love the Chanel suit! Oh My Goodness! what a true classic! Love that little blouse. I am by no means a seamstress but I do know how difficult silk can be to work with! Glad you figured it all out! Happy week to you! Anne

Sandy said...

I love your blouse Nan! I bet silk can be difficult to work with...never tried sewing with it myself. It's just pouring here today - the rain cooled us off at 69 degrees. Our company left early this morning (a 9 hr drive home) before 6 am. It's so quiet here now. Just a restful day at home. Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

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