Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gifts in the mail

The boys spy a package opening. 

A package arriving on Friday opened to reveal a huge bag of vintage buttons of all types and yards and yards of vintage trims, rickrack and lace, ribbon, fabric, etc. This is like Christmas in August to me who cannot find this stuff here in Alaska. Sorry but I will not be shopping  for vintage buttons on Etsy now. 
This came from Deb, Pan's breeder in CA. Above is Lance who is Pan's brother and the one out of the litter Deb kept. He has received his Best in Maturity. She said all the pups are moving up in the shows. Pan is the only one who is not shown of the litter, but this was the plan. 
Two dozen beautiful roses with vase arrived here Friday and chocolates! This came from our cottage guest Bill who rode his Harley all the way up here from Santa Fe.
Thanks Bill!


Kath said...

I did smile at the velvet dogs waiting to see what was in the parcel. Theyre just like my girls, full of curiosity and wanting to be in on everything the family does!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I want to come and riffle through the lot with the boys too. These are so great. Beautiful roses. Enjoy each one of them. Renee

Debby said...

What goodies you received. I bet it is so much fun to receive somehting like that since you can't find them there.
Pan is a show dog on the blogs.
It was fun meeting E. She is so nice.
COme to Ohio sometime so we can all meet.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Sweet surprises and sweet pups for a sweet lady!! ♥

Mary said...

What a fun and happy post! I'm so glad to see the dogs, and I'm sure Pan is much happier living with you in Alaska. Those roses are gorgeous!

Teresa said...

What a fun stash! Buttons and rick-rack are some of my very favorite goodies.
I bet you'll have a great time making beautiful projects with them!

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