Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fabrics pulled from Stashes

I'm off on my trip and wrote this to you before I left. 
Wanted to tell you about this Sew Along Casey is having. 
Check out her link for a circle skirt to make, anyone can join in and learn how. 
I was going through my big fabric stash (meaning several yards each) and came across 3 yards of this peau de soie or duchess satin as it commonly called. I totally forgot I had this and don't even know why I do anymore. It's a gorgeous jade color and is substantial in weight. I think a circle skirt is in order here. I just hope 3 yards is enough as Casey hadn't posted that info when I wrote this. 
Where will I wear this you ask? I think to church with a white silk top (not made yet) or that black velvet jacket I just made why not? Maybe around Christmas time. It's so much fun being 70 you don't have to care a flying fig what anyone thinks anymore. 
Now this doesn't show up well in the photo but it's 2.5 yards of a mauve fabric which has a nap and definitely has an up and down direction with the nap. So cutting it must all go in the same direction. 
This shot shows it off a bit better. I've never had an idea for this fabric anyone out there have any for me?


Jacqueline said...

Don't have to care a flying fig...I love it! I'll have to pass the idea around Gnomeland. Sounds like something the gnomes would use!
I guess since you have already left and I missed giving you a hug I'll say my prayers for a fun-filled time and a safe return to us and say...Welcome back home!

LunaLoo said...

I always knew figs could fly :)

Depending on the width, I might try a pair of wide leg pants with the mauve, if you had enouch to do the nap in the same direction. Maybe elastic or simple at the waist, (no pockets) to wear with an oversized or long sweater on the top. The satin circle skirt sounds like a winner.

ImagiMeri said...

Have a great time pretty lady! Maybe a long skirt might be in order for the mauve fabric, for winter wear, like a simple A-line long skirt or even a gored skirt as it looks like there's a nice flow and hang to the fabric.


MJ said...

What about a fitted sleeveless vest to wear with the jade circle skirt?

Anonymous said...
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