Monday, August 8, 2011

Chanel Suits to Sew

Sewing the cream silk shantung under blouse.

The top pattern is one I snagged awhile back and then bought the material recently for the Jackie O suit. The pattern showing the white Chanel suit I just found on Etsy and ordered just the other day. That bottom photo is my sister and niece taken years ago and that is a Chanel suit my sister is wearing in that photo exactly like the pattern I found. She also has on a navy straw hat and is going to attend Easter mass as I recall. When I spotted that pattern I had to snag it. The material is a black and cream woven raw silk and the cream fabric is silk shantung for the skirt blouse. It absolutely does not cost anymore to sew using what I call beautiful natural fabrics. I'm planning on using the white jacket pattern and the skirt and blouse from the other pattern. (Chanel lines their clothing with a logo silk.) I'm excited about finding my dear sister's Chanel suit in a pattern I can sew. My sister was 21 when I was born and she's been gone a long time now. 
This is a Chanel suit I found on the web for sale for 2300. dollars. The fabric is almost like mine but has a gold thread running through it. Chanel also puts a chain in their jackets on the outside of the lining along the bottom to weight it down. If I can find some of this chain here I will try that myself. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Might be the one era I love the most for clothing because they are so classic and tailored. Timeless and can be worn over and over. This is a beautiful pattern. I had no idea about the chain but it sounds like a grand idea to keep the suit coat from shifting. My husbands brother was 17 years his senior and is long gone himself buy made a mark on his heart no less. Can't wait to see. Smiles...Renee

LunaLoo said...

First of all I'd like to say.. I am new to blogging and yours is one of the first I started following. I love your blog.

Anyway, you might have seen this elsewhere but this is a good link about the Chanel process - . And this might be a good source for the chain if you are going to go that step, they have good service. .

I can't wait to see the finished product and I love your fabric choices too! Have a great week!


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