Thursday, August 11, 2011

About Completed Now

A lot of progress on the guest bedroom today. Bob installed the blinds, smoke alarm, we got the bed moved in and set-up and the pictures mounted. Our new Queen sized bed arrived this afternoon so that is set-up in our room. One stained glass lamp to be mounted in this room and that's pretty much it. 


gpc said...

It's a beautiful room. Lucky guests!

My Vintage Mending said...

Well I would have never guessed to put grey with that blue but the weim. coverlet looks long as the dog stays on the rug. Gorgeous...and that book is the perfect color match. Smiles...Renee

Jacalyn @ said...

Love your bed covers! So pretty! Isn't it always a nice feeling when a project is finished? Ah, but there's always the next one, ha!


MJ said...

Wow, it looks absolutely gorgeous Nan. Sorry I haven't been able to comment on things lately but it has really been extremely hectic here--more so than usual, but at least I've managed to see everything.

Kath said...

..those dogs are funny, just like mine, they have to be in everything x

A Vintage Chic said...

It's looking beautiful, Nan!


Paula said...

Beautiful! The blue is so cheery!

Anonymous said...

The room looks great Mom! I thought the grey bedding was for your room though?


dana said...

Your guest room looks lovely!! You guys are such worker bees....would you ship some of that energy to Missouri, please? :) I've been LAZY today...we've had rain off and on and it just put me in the mellowest of was a nice change!

How great that you've had so much company this summer..that guest cottage has had a workout!

Speaking of all of that fish!! I can't imagine doing that! So, when you eat it later this winter, how do you serve it? I've never had canned fish except for tuna fish.

Love all of the vintage patterns you've acquired lately. Your Channel suit will be gorgeous!

Have a great weekend! dana

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