Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goings on

 Kalen resting in a sunny spot. He is fine now and gained all his weight back thanks for asking. He is a counter surfer extraordinaire and nothing can be left out even with a fenced off kitchen it's risky. He loves bacon by the pound and butter by the cube if he can get it.  
 Our John Deere in which I use to do all the lawn cutting used only 3 short summers. While Bob was gone it broke down, had two men look it over and no can figure why it won't start. There is no one here in Homer that can work on these and so many people have them too. This has to be hauled 75 miles up to where we bought it for repair and it can't go in a pickup but needs a trailer to haul. I'm on hold with this until Bob returns from his trip next week.
My friend Kathy shown below on the sailboat came by for a refresher course on her sewing skills. She is making this simple skirt from my pattern. I need to buckle down and finish my plaid jacket. Just have the sleeves to hem and one button hole that's it. The material has arrived for the black skirt so that will be next. 


Annesphamily said...

I love the skirt! But I am always smiling when I see your beautiful companions. What delightful creatures you share your home with.
Our daughter Hannah has little "Roxie" the chihuahua. we had to get her a red white and blue bikini for the weekend holiday! She is so funny and she has a dance routine to "Tiny Dancer"! Pets make our lives so happy don't they?
I just realized your town is where the old t.v. program "Men in Trees" was shot. I thought it was a quirky show and enjoyed watching it.
Happy 4th!
Good luck with your JD

Sandy said...

I've enjoyed reading all your posts Nan! Doing catch up here. Your dogs are so funny. Love your plaid jacket. I know when I sewed I noticed things that the average person would never notice. Store bought clothes are so cheap looking anymore. And I love your blue flowers! We're going to have a hot 4th of July here. It's been wonderful so far this summer with the low humidity but I think that will change soon. I just finished frosting our Stars and Stripes cake and started to figure out the calories. Oh, my gosh, there goes our diet. It's loaded with calories. We'll have to have tiny pieces. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

vivian said...

too bad you dont live near by, my husband is always fixing our old lawn mower. I've no doubt he could figure it out and have you up and running in no time at all!
at least you have an excuse not to mow!
I'm glad you dog is feeling better. theyre just like kids, arent they? always have to have an eye on them.
have a great 4th!

Kath said...

Nice to see Kalen back to his old (naughty) self :-D

Mary said...

Happy to hear Kalen is doing fine.

My brother works on John Deere's (his main job). And he has a side business working on small engines. I know a lot of good that does you with you on one side of the USA and him on the other.

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