Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finished Vintage Fabric Top

A friend gave me this piece of vintage fabric and I made this top the other day with it. The buttons are vintage too and the facing is white like the collar. The pattern is not body hugging like a vest would be. Bob is in the mirror!
The current project well underway is this 1950's pattern of a Bolero. I'm making a long sleeved one w/o the collar. It's a tan gabardine and will be lined in this silk I have that is a red and gold pattern OR my stand by crimson satin.  
*Our cottage guests have just left this morning I will post about them tomorrow.


My Vintage Mending said...

Can't beat the detail on the vintage fabric and buttons. Perfect combination. Great pattern. Love how those boys of yours look so approvingly at you.

missy said...
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missy said...

Fabulous finish,Nan. The Cross Stitcher in my immediately spotted the x stitch motif on your blouse. The lace and buttons are perfection.

Give your fur boys a hug from me.


Sandy said...

Oh Nan!!!! This is SO cute! And you have such a nice figure to show it off! I am amazed at your sewing.....everything is so well done It is funt o come see what you are sewing up next! :) Sandy

Anonymous said...

You sure get alot of sewing done!
fun to follow your blog!

Patti said...

You look so cute! I just love red. YOu inspire to begin sewing again. I did a tiny bit of strip quilting the other day, and it was fun to push the pedal and sew a bit!

dana said...

How are just amazingly talented!! Loved catching up on your recent posts!

We're roasting in was 100 yesterday and near that again today! Alaskan temps are sounding really good right now! One of my buddies is leaving tomorrow for a 2 wk. trip in Alaska...she's so excited!

Have a great Monday! dana

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