Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canning Sockeye aka Reds

Thirty-five fish is a lot of fish to deal with all at once it really helps if you have family around to assist. This is our whole years supply. Last night I borrowed this gnarly ancient warrior of a canner from a friend and canned 15 pints of reds. This morning I'll do another batch, then see how many bags of fillets I have waiting in the various small fridges here. There is a large batch of frozen shrink wrapped fillets in the freezer and Bob is cutting strips to smoke. Our son took home to CA a 20 lb box of frozen fillets which I hear this morning the airline still has and will deliver to his house. All the waste parts of the fish go into a whole dug in my large composting pile out back. Fishy towels had to be washed twice, by the end of this process you get tired of the fish smell but will enjoy the benefits later in the year.


Sandy said...

That looks like a lot of work but you will enjoy the fruits of your labor later in the year.

missy said...

Great Job, Nan. About how much do you freeze for the winter months? Do you have a grocery near by? i would love to hear more about all that you do to prepare for winter.


MJ said...

You sure have been busy--I never canned, when we had a large garden here I used to freeze things rather than can. We had a large chest freezer and I would blanch the veggies and then bag them, put them in pint or quart boxes until they were frozen solid so they would freeze nice and flat and then I could take them out of the boxes and just stack the bags in the freezer.

My Vintage Mending said...

My mom got an old pressure cooker at an auction. It cooks the best Corned beef among other things...These look fantastic. I can just see my middle son eating out of the jar with the fridge open in the middle of the night...he would...smiles...Renee

Paula said...

We had fresh sockeye tonight for dinner - it was delicious!

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