Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tea and Travelers

 The travelers taken Friday in an Anchorage restaurant on my daughter's  iPhone: Bob, Dallas, and my son-in-law Ernest. As I type this they are on a 9hr 45min flight direct from ANC to Frankfurt. 
 In the meantime Nan is having a birthday tea with three birthday girls, Rena, Lorraine and myself.

Rena brought Lorraine and I flowers and a fairy she made!
Menu was grapes, strawberries dipped in chocolate, maple scones, lemon bars, and tea sandwiches. My dishes I use are out in the cottage and I have people out there so I used other plates this time. 


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Nan! I love when I see your name on a post. I always hop right over to see what is up in Alaska. How beautiful you look in your jacket! What a fun day to share birthdays together. Happy Birthday! The twins! Sigh! I know my family is so tired of my talking about your adventures, but I never cease to be amazed! Keep on sharing! E

Vintage Girl said...

Oh Nan, you look lovely. I would love to have tea with you, this looks fantastic. You know how to throw a party. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. May God bless you over this next year and forever.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh Nan, the jacket is gorgeous. Safe travels for the family. Mine return today from a little league series in Nebraska and Iowa right near all the flooding. Good grief. What wonderful tea. So nice to see the twins getting so close. They really are so tiny in comparison to mom. Enjoy your peace and keep up the sewing...smiles...Renee

Jacqueline said...

You are all so beautiful! What a delightful thing to hostess Nan and LOOK at Lorraine! Oh, she is just beautiful. The picture I have of her, she is in her play clothes. Tell her I think she is beautiful. A fairy you say? She will be very happy residing with you, I'm sure of it. Fun to see the world wide travel team too!

Debby said...

Nan. What a fun trip your family will have.
A very long light. I am glad that you are having fun as well. You all look beautifu in your birthday celebration. Happy Birthday.
Thanks for stopping by. Unbelievable how much fun we had. Have fun with all the doggies.

Lallee said...

Belated happy birthday. It looks like you had a nice celebration with some lovely friends. I hope the family made a safe travel to Germany. You look lovely BTW.

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