Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Stumbling Blocks

No hems in yet, lining is in and a fix done to the left side which is shorter as I have sewn the facing on that side for length and hemming which is next. There are three sleeve darts and four darts in back plus a seam down the middle of the back. 

I often get comments at to what an expert I am at sewing. True I've been sewing all my life but I'm no expert. In fact I've been learning from women younger than my own kids. Techniques have changed in the last 60 years and I'm learning some of those new ones. No matter how well I sew I seem to always have fits about what I'm currently making. This jacket for instance is putting me in a major uncomfortable zone. Things just went along so well with no problems and when I inserted the lining I see this 'pull' from the front facing area which means to me the lining is tighter on the inside than the exterior fabric and is pulling. Oh gosh how I struggled you will never know to fix this. I let out some seams in the lining to make it roomer so as not to pull and some other things too complicated to describe. It still seems a bit wavy to me on that left side bottom now I'm thinking I may need some stiffer interfacing in that area. (Later* I did add some hair canvas which helped a lot.) Plaids are easy to match I learned that a long time ago, it's not rocket science but this other stuff is sure driving me up a wall which should not be this much of a problem.  
The lining is so pretty my favorite crimson satin. Pan likes it too !


Vintage Girl said...

Oh Nan, I hear you. Sometimes it's easier to walk away for a while. Sewing can be great and sewing can be a hassle. This jacket looks awesome! You will get her fixed. I would love it if you did a tutorial on matching plaids. They look great. Did you figure out the shoulder issue yet? Just wondering. I am a bit behind reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jacket.
Has Kalen fully recovered?
Park City, UT

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Your jacket looks beautiful to me! A wire could be lots of fun. Maybe a balance beam would be a little easier on the feet.

Jane said...

Beautiful workmanship! The first thing I looked for was if you'd matched the plaid :) Don't you hate seeing something in a store unmatched?!
Love the color - and that lining is awesome!

My Vintage Mending said...

I sew to push myself to learn something new. Keeps me motivated. That is a gorgeous color. My fear of working with that fabric is it can pull and when you pull the seam out (like I often have to) you can see the holes...I love that you keep pushing yourself...never stop makes you dull! Smiles....Renee

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