Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sewing Chat and a Win

Today I set in the sleeves on the wool jacket, working with this wool is so nice. It matches in the front unlike the picture shows, it's just sagging. Now I need to interface the front to give that more body and sew together the lining to insert which means I must put together the jacket all over I done yet?  This jacket has no collar and only one button so not so bad. 

I'm so thrilled I won this pattern on My Happy Sewing Place It's a 1933 McCalls and you can check Debi's blog to see what she made with this pattern. I'm thinking of a black velveteen for the top and this skirt pattern below.
First I have to finish up what I've started here and also make the black gaberdine skirt to go with the 40's jacket.
But you ladies who sew know we are always planning ahead with our next project and our next beyond that. It's addicting and thrilling to create clothing. Ah yes I have quite a few patterns lined up and seem to be buying more. 


Anonymous said...

wanted to let you know I noticed
your blog list has gotten alot
longer. I like to visit your
choices. thanks.

MJ said...

Perfect matching jog in the back two Nan--plaids can be so hard to match and this is perfect.

Storybook Woods said...

You really are an amazing (not perfect ;-) seamstress. Just beautiful. Clarice

My Vintage Mending said...

I love how it came out. Seems perfect for the pattern....congrats on the win...keep sewing...Renee

Trudy Callan said...

I came over from My Happy Sewing Place. You are an excellent seamstress.

I was also very impressed after reading your post where you are wearing the bathing suit. You look amazing. I have a question. You mentioned lifting weights. I was wondering, what type of weight lifting do you do? Do you do the machines or free weights? I know I need to start lifting weights if I am going to look half as good as you do when I get to be your age.

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